Cuomo might be in some trouble [Gov has resigned][Brother Chris fired by CNN]

I will be very surprised if he’s able to hang on after this. I agree he should be out of there immediately.

He should resign immediately.

He is holding a press conference soon. (8/3/21) around 1EST

So this is apparently just a “report” not an indictment. I’m not clear on the significance of issuing a report like this without an indictment. Is an indictment coming soon (likely, or certainly)?

He should be tried criminally. Optimally, prison time would follow.

Just watched the “press conference” (actually a pre-recorded speech). It was, how shall I say, not convincing. At best, he seems completely clueless that as governor he has a lot of power over employees in his office, and he needs to bend over backwards to stay hands-off and uninvolved, no matter his personal inclinations or motivations. At worst, he seems like an unapologetic lech. He started out the speech okay and I was thinking, well, maybe that’s reasonable. But before long he was just making excuses wrapped in a political speech.

According to CNN, the state AG says she is not pursuing any indictments, at least against him. Recourse for removal from office is then, I guess, up to the state legislature. I believe they will have to act, Democrats cannot let this pass. Again according to CNN, if he is impeached (i.e. charged by the legislature) he has to withdraw from his duties and let the Lt. Gov. take over as acting governor during the trial.

I have to believe that if it looked like he might get impeached, he’ll just resign, but maybe he’s even sleazier than Nixon.

I was convinced months ago that he would do the right thing and hand over the keys to the Governor’s mansion. Now I think he’s going to change the locks and barricade himself in.

He’s toast and he has to know it. As I’m sure is being made abundantly clear to him by major donors and party bigwigs, if he wants to have any future in Democratic-allied circles – media commentator, speakers circuit, think tank appointment – he needs to resign now.

If he resigns now, he can spend a year or two in the wilderness going through a period of “self-reflection” then land in some highly-paid gig. If he goes out kicking and screaming he will destroy his political relationships and poison his value.

The new mantra is “You stay until they physically remove you”.

Well, my sense is that he has never been overly burdened with a sense of shame. I bet he hangs on for as long as he possibly can. Does the NY Legislature have the guts to impeach, convict and remove him?

Once in a blue moon, I seem to call something right.

Sorry, just that it’s so rare that I get to blow my own horn… :laughing:

Biden just said he stands by what he said earlier, and is calling on Cuomo to resign.

It’s too late. He should never have any political future.

By any justice, he shouldn’t. But political parties want to encourage “good” behavior, meaning they want future scandal-ridden pols to resign when something like this comes out, rather than stay and fight and possibly hurt the party further. So party apparatuses will probably try to offer some sort of quiet but still lucrative gig to disgraced pols so that future pols will see that they’d be wise to do what the party wants them to do.

Yep, it’s an old story. Get the disgraced pol to resign, let him lie low for a while then find him some sinecure — faculty position, partnership in a Democratic-friendly law firm, political consulting work, etc. It also leaves open the possibility, no matter how thin, that the pol can rehabilitate his image enough to run for office again.

I wonder how the women who were assaulted by him will feel about that.

Is Fox News experiencing a dilemma? Prominent Democrat nailed for sex scandal by Letitia James, who is a lying liar who always lies (at least about Trump).


Sad, but true.