Curb Your Enthusiasm vs. Seinfeld

I can’t even sit through a Seinfeld episode these days, but I find that CYE holds up quite nicely. I overwhelmingly prefer Curb.

Are you with me or agin me?

(This poll is only for those who have a distinct preference)

What about those of us who think both shows reek?

Bottom line, Seinfeld reeks a bit lass.

I could casually sit through and enjoy any Seinfeld episode at any time. While I think Curb is often laugh-out-loud funnier, I simply enjoy Seinfeld more.

Seinfeld never jumped the shark. CYE got really stupid somewhere along the line and I quit watching it, partly because of Jeff Green, who I find obnoxiously crude and totally unfunny.

I would advise such folks to read the OP.

I didn’t care for any of the characters on Curb except Larry David. Jeff Garlin makes [strikethrough]The Wonder Years[/strikethrough] The Goldbergs impossible to watch. And what is a hottie like Cheryl Hines doing with Larry?

Seinfeld is fun to watch because I already know the punchlines and I’m enjoying the setup more than the payoff.

Ah, right: Garlin, not Green. I don’t have any issue with David’s wife being attractive, but I have to wonder what any woman would see in a personality like his.

Curb has more social awkwardness and is funnier, but for whatever reason I prefer Seinfeld. Probably because I watched Seinfeld as a teenager and the shows have grown on me.

But if going solely by writing and comedy alone, Curb is better. But Seinfeld is a better show.

His fame and $100 million bank account probably has something to do with it. She isn’t that hot. She is physically pretty, but she always takes everyone elses side against her husband. I liked when Larry got with Loretta Black, and Loretta told off Susie for insulting him. Cheryl would’ve just sided with Susie.

I can’t watch CYE. I simply don’t find it funny in the slightest. And, yes, I’ve tried again. Whatever it is that people are seeing, I’m not seeing it. You might as well ask a color blind to person to look at paint swatches just one more time.

Seinfeld, on the other hand, is possibly the best sitcom ever. Certainly the best of its decade.

I voted for CYE because:

“You ate the Baby Jesus? How could you?”
“I thought it was a monkey.”

I laughed till my sides ached. That priceless moment is up there at the pinnacle of comedy perfection right next to Carol Burnett saying, “I saw it in the window and I had to have it.”

Curb 1000x. Even though I know it was all the rage back in Seinfeld’s day, there’s nothing more lame than a sitcom with a laugh track (they need to remind you when to laugh?).

Love both shows. Could re-watch them over and over again.

Which is why I prefer Seinfeld. I love George Costanza the character. But a how about him rather than as part of an ensemble is just a little too much for me. My tolerance for humiliation humor only goes so far.

Seinfeld is Larry David toned down for the masses. His neurosis spread out over several characters. CYE is too cringe-worthy for me.

Seinfeld all the way. Curb Your Enthusiasm had all of Seinfeld’s bile and none of its humor.

I prefer Curb these days, but it’s for this same reason: it’s like pure, undiluted Larry David. Seinfeld is more accessible. I can easy understand why Curb is polarising.