Curing leather

What is the process involved in curing leather?

It depends on how sick the leather is, and what disease it suffers from.


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Sqrl, here’s some info I got off Basically just an encyclopedia article:


and if you are interested in leather fetish, check out
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my 2 cents worth.I have cured a couple of deer hides. Oak leaves are a natural source of tannin, soaking the hide in a stew of deer brains and fat is a preliminary step. Napping is just rubbing and rubbing with a hard edge till your arms fall off.Then there is raw hide which is uncured. When it is wet it stretches when it drys it shrinks. The evil pagan Indians used it wet to spread eagle the poor innocent white man over the ant hill. Then the sun came out and it shrank.Then the lady with the crop and the thighboots comes out and … HEY! how did I get to Mz Bunny’s link?

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Hey, no joke. Working with hides is, or least used to be, a major risk factor for contracting anthrax.

Tannin can be found in the tree bark of various species. But the most interesting tanning story I ever heard was that after you shot a squirrel you stripped its hide then scooped out its brains and rubbed it on the hide and tacked it on a board. Yes our forefathers were ingenious.

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Yep funee the brains soften it. Works for any critter, but you had to mention squirrel.
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One other question about curing leather. Is it true that urine can cure the leather in question? I read this once in a Gary Jennings book called Raptor and was wondering if this were true.