Why are some people so curious(like me) that they want to know everything they can about everything? Will it be the end of(eventually) curiosity?

Not as long as there are newbies! Keep makin’ them newbies!

Ah, grasshopper, the search for knowledge lies upon on the infinite plains, never ceasing until the last moment of our brief, questing lives.

Curiosity keeps you thinking with the vitality and flexibility of youth, Curiosity brought me here, and it will lead me to other places.

We will never know everything.

Nice to see you again, ** BigFriendlyGiant**.

I love William Goldman’s take on life, as explained in his volume entitled, " Adventures In The Screen Trade". To wit: ** Nobody Knows Anything**.

Kind of humbling, doncha think? :stuck_out_tongue:


Just as nature mutates its denizens so does intelligence mutate itself with curiosity.

Mutation is a potent survival tool. As a species becomes more varigated through diversity, the chances that one given virus or disease will be able to wipe it out entirely drops correspondingly. It is pretty much the same for human intelligence. As an individual becomes smarter (due to curiosity) they add more survival tools to their longevity kit.

People who do not develope their brains are more easily defeated by the elements around them. It’s not for nothing that people (like me) who are extremely curious are said to have a “monkey mind.” Curiosity is merely the hallmark of a healthy mentality.

Recent research is beginning to confirm that a lifelong interest in learning helps to develope the “evergreen” mind. The more an individual interlinks their knowledge with connecting facts the more resistant their mind tends to be against the ravages of senility or Alzheimer’s disease. The more cross-linked your base of knowledge is, the more strands of the “safety net” that can break without you falling through it.

When you cease to be curious, be afraid, very afraid.