Current Fantastic Four continuity

Help out an old fogey here who has long since lost track of the revisions in Marvel and DC continuity: Does Marvel still publish Fantastic Four stories using the original continuity, or has the “Ultimate Marvel” version of the Fantastic Four become the official reboot of the characters?

None of the Ultimate continuities are official in the sense that they have superseded the 616 (Main Universe) timelines.

The Ultimate universe is completely separate to the mainstream Marvel universe (616). There was a reboot of sorts in the form of the Heroes Reborn storyline after Onslaught, but that was a creation of one of the characters that did not supercede the mainstream timeline.

Ultimate is a separate continuity (designated Earth-1610). Any book in the Ultimate line includes the word Ultimate in the title - currently ‘Ultimate Comics <title>’, though before the recent slaughter of the characters in that universe (the Ultimatum crossover) it was typically ‘Ultimate <title>’.

The Ultimate Fantastic Four, for the record - no longer exists. It fell apart in the wake of Ultimatum. Reed is now a villain, and Ben (who killed Doctor Doom at the end of Ultimatum)…is something else.