Current Olympic sports you want to get rid of

There hasn’t been solo synchronized swimming in the Olympics since 1992. I don’t care what you saw on Glee. (On American Dad, Klaus competed in the “1986 Winter Olympics.”)

This is off topic, but there’s a ton of televised curling on Canadian sports channels. Some of it is probably available via streaming and such.

First of all I would eliminate any “team” event that is just a contemplation of individual performances, without requiring any coordination or teamwork. Most relay events are fine since they require coordiation on the exchanges, but no more team medals in Gymnastics, ski jumping or figure skating.

Also, any Olympic event must be solely or at least primarily a test of human effort. So the equestrian events have to go. I don’t particularly have anything against equestrian sports, but I don’t think they belong in the Olympics.

As others have mentioned, Modern Pentathlon. I phoney sport that was invented for the olympics and has no real existence outside of it.

All you need to know is until 2012 women’s beach volleyball participants were required to wear bikinis.

Not only that. The official rules of the sport mandated both a minimum and maximum size for the bikinis. Competitors could be disqualified for wearing a swimsuit that covered too much of their body.

Equestrian, because the horse is doing all the work

We’ve done this thread before last olympics I believe…and I will give the same answer as last time:

Equestrian must go unless you modify the sport to have the horse ride the human over the gates and bushes; then and only then, would I personally go see it live.

I’m normally not a fan of removing sports from the Olympics - I think there should be far MORE sports in the Olympics - but I’d have to agree with this.

In most sports, different medals indicate proficiency in different disciplines. “Team” sports that do not involve teamwork are obviously invented solely to increase the number of medals that particular athletic federation can crow about. There is nothing about “team” figure skating that constitutes a different athletic discipline from the rest of figure skating. the team “luge relay” was, frankly, equally preposterous - they called it a relay but it was bullshit, really.

The sychronized boxing would be … interesting :smiley:

My vote goes to sailing. The canoeing and rowing might be vaguely intresting to a few weirdos, but the 12 foot two-masted skiff race? Come on…

Another vote for sports where the Olympics aren’t a major event for the athletes’ particular sport, like tennis, golf, soccer, or basketball. Amateur boxing is such a different creature than pro boxing that I don’t mind it as an Olympic sport. Maybe add yachting too?

As for the others, meh, it’s once every four years. I can put up with weird sports if they’re that infrequent.

Does anyone in the world actually specialize in the 200-meter dash? Seems like every time I see it, the race is just filled with 100 and 400 meter specialists just going up or down a little.

It’s not a coincidence that Finns have done so well in this event. In their 1939-40 war with Stalin’s Russia, the Finns bedevlied the enemy by having sharpshooters ski close to Russian camps, shoot as many Russians as they could, and beat a hasty retreat.

Get rid of Tae Kwon Do, bring in MMA.

What he said.

Rationally, I feel that judged sports such as figure skating and diving should go, but I enjoy watching those events and think that there’s quite a bit of athleticism involved, even if the judging is subjective, so I can’t vote them out.

There is such a thing as figure skating that really is done as a team. It’s called synchronized skating, and it looks really cool (and I’m not just saying that because my niece does it). I’d love to see what a team of world-class skaters could do, so if we’re going to keep the judged events at all, that’d be a good one.

I’ve heard the suggestion that all of the separate martial arts should be dropped, and replaced by a single MMA event. If you want to make it all classical, you can call it the pankraton, like the ancient Olympics did. I guess this falls in line with hogarth’s objections to sports that are “go fast, except in a funny way”, except it’s “hit each other, except in a funny way”.

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There is no generally recognized international athletic federation for MMA, and thus no one to suggest the sport for inclusion or regulate the manner in which it is conducted.

I wouldn’t drop biathlon. As opposed to other “combined” sports (like nordic combined or alpine combined) it requires a unique skill set. You have to go from one of the most aerobic sports immediately to one that requires a steady hand and an ability to control your muscles including your heartbeat, then back to the skiing. Besides, if you’re ever lost in the snow, a biathlete would be very useful to have since they could shoot some food and go for help.

I don’t know why people are saying that golf shouldn’t be in the Olympics. They haven’t done it yet, so how can you know that it won’t be a prestigious competition? Golfers would give their left nut to represent their country/continent in the Ryder Cup, and I’d bet it will be the same kind of competition for the few spots on the Olympic team.

It also has the benefit of being a true international sport. In the last dozen years or so, Major tournaments have been won by golfers from Australia, North and South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Asia.

None! I don’t understand the hate. So what that figure skating is judged I don’t want them to get rid of it. Don’t get rid of anything. Add more… baseball and soccer (football) are played worldwide.

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