Current State of Quantum Computing?

Not that I particularly understand how a variable can hold multiple values concurrently (not the focus of this thread, though any good links would be appreciated) but in a philosophy lecture today we got into somewhat of a debate over the current state of QC.

Apparently there are simple quantum computers out there? I found a mention of IBM successfully creating a functional 7-qubit device, but I am not really sure how significant their machine is? Can it tell me what 1+1 is? Can it run windows?


Current state of quantum computing

Depends on when you look.
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There hasn’t been much progress in the past eight years. We had a discussion about a month ago in this forum, if you want to search for it.

Here you go.

I know what you mean. Quantum computer would merely exploit one of the stranger aspects of quantum mechanics…that an object can be in more than one place simultaneously (ala the double-slit experiment). Till something is measured it can, and in fact actually seems to, exist in all possible states simultaneously.

Here’s a link to a bunch of stuff that might help you. And FYI quamtum computers have actually been built and done calculations although only extremely simple things so far. Basically enough to prove the concept at this point.