Currently have a near complete lack of privacy

Having a very weird experience … sitting in hospital with wires taped to my head and constant video monitoring. I have a sleep disorder and they’re trying to monitor me (would help if I could actually sleep) … and I keep getting reminders that … they’re watching me!!

Things like … if I stand in the wrong place in the room the nurse pops in and says go back in front of the camera!! I’m “allowed” to move around the space right next to the hospital bed and that is about it. Lights have to be on all the time, door not allowed to be closed.

The actual toilet room is without a camera … but all washing and everything else is done in front of the camera (well, I know where the blind spots are now!).

I’ve been here 36 hours so far … they think they’re keeping me in all week … but I’m making a break away escape attempt tomorrow! It’s quite an odd feeling that I’m subjecting myself to this monitoring … there is nothing stopping me walking out the door except my choice (oh and the nurses might yell a bit!). I’ve voluntarily totally given up all privacy for likely no diagnosis and no treatment (they are just wanting to rule out some conditions).

I will give a prize to the lovely nurse who at 4am last night asked if I had been “trying to get to sleep”?!?!?!?!?!??!

If I can sleep tonight maybe they’ll let me go!!

Not much point to this post … very mundane … but you try being confined in an area 5’x7’ for nearly two days!!

Good grief…36 hours in a Sleep Disorder Clinic? :eek: I spent TEN hours in one, and that was quite long enough for me thanksverymuch.

If it’s not too impertinent to ask, what are they looking for Miss_Gnomer? A week’s booking sounds like something pretty serious.

All the best though, let’s hope they find NOTHING at all in your head (apart from the usual grey matter of course!!)

seems counter-productive, no?

Wow. If your condition is serious enough that they need a week to diagnose you, and you haven’t really slept in 36 hours, I can understand why you might be feeling a bit claustrophobic, but you really, really need to stay there and find out what’s wrong! A lack of privacy in this case is not such a high price to pay if something good come of it. Otherwise you will have just wasted over 36 hours of your life and theirs. I’ve had two sleep studies for apnea and they both were only ten or eleven hours.

Of course … and of course I’ll be a nice compliant little patient and stay another night! argh!

But I do think it is a responsibilty of every person confined to a small area to plan escape though!

Unfortunately since I’m not allowed anything on the bed there are no sheets to tie together to get out the window :wink: … and I’m on the 6th floor!! Oh and the window doesn’t open either (and I have to have the blind down so there is no sun for the camera so I can’t even look out).

Kambuckta - they are trying to rule out epilepsy … doctors are 99.99% sure I don’t have any form of epilepsy … but here I am!!

I do wish the nurses wore some form of clear name tag … strange people walk into my room in cargo pants, faded polo shirt and start asking me questions! Now been here 48 hours through 6 shifts x 2 nurses … and never seen the same nurse twice.

I also just realised why I had forgotten how bad hosital food is … every other time I have been in hospital I’ve had operations and morphine - morphine makes me puke so I never ate anything more than a piece of bread.

What do they think it is if it’s not epilepsy? It sounds like they’re concerned you’ll hurt yourself.

If I was stuck in a little room without much to stimulate me, well I would sleep most of the time!

You think they could at least provide you a Gameboy or something.

I would not be able to fall into a natural sleep without a blanket.

interesting topic

I spent 3 months in traction in an ICU followed by 3 months in a normal room, and almost 9 months in rehab. Ill trade you =) I can sleep anywhere at any time if I am tired enough. Well, I cant sleep on floors any more, it is too hard for me to get up again, but I can sleep on a rock hard bench as long as I am temperature comfortable.

I didn’t have any trouble with my sleep study last summer, I told them when I would fall asleep, when I would wake up and when I would go back to sleep, that I snore like a chain saw, and I do not have sleep apnea. I hit the target for sleep/wake times within 5 minutes of the stated times with no lights or clocks in the room, I snored like a chain saw and didn’t stop breathing at all, no leg twitches or anything that they look for. I just have segmented sleep and occasionally exploding head. Unfortunately my cardiac meds have also screwed with my sleep patterns, so instead of my old style wake up for a few hours in the middle of the night and have a ‘normal’ day, I now have 2 nap attacks and go to bed for the 3d dosage time. [the particular med combination is taken at 5 am, 1 pm and 9 pm.]

Wow!! All the things that are freaking me out would be nearly normal after all that time! But I still doubt I’ll ever be an anywhere anytime sleeper!

Night number 3 coming up … argh!

The no-covers thing is so that they can see seizures if they do happen. I have hypnagogic hallucinations (usually … but not here!) … wake up terrified multiple times a night. So I have a massive sleep phobia. They want me to have a hallucination whilst hooked up to the EEG and under video surveillance … except of course everything is so warped here … including my warped sleep! I have had snatches of sleep over the last 2 nights but no hallucinations. Because I’ve always had this, coping with only a couple of hours sleep is really normal to me … and I don’t get tired or feel sleepy if I haven’t slept (I do feel like crap though!).

I have been pacing around my bed to give myself some relief from sitting all the time (and if I’m not tired, I’m not going to sleep) … and today they found a sitting pedal thing that I could use … so I’ve done an hour on that plus much pacing of my ‘cell’!

My attempt at escaping today - just wanted to go down to my car in the car park to get another book was foiled … they sent a nurse down for me instead! Perhaps they can pick up brain waves indicating my plans for an escape tunnel!! :wink:

I have realised why people don’t look at the camera in reality TV shows … it is so tiny and you don’t want to admit it is there … denial is an amazing thing!

I’ve had trouble with insomnia my entire life but I refuse to go have a sleep study done because of the the description you just posted. (All other stories I’ve heard about this sound pretty much the same.) I cannot understand how one can possibly monitor a typical sleep cycle when they set up an environment for you that is A) the opposite of conducive to sleep and B) not at all typical. You don’t get to do your normal bedtime routine. You don’t get blankies. You have to have leads stuck to you. You can’t turn off the lights. One of the reasons I have trouble getting to sleep is if the room isn’t dark enough.

I could just see the diagnosis. “Well, Dogzilla, you have insomnia because…”

“Because you couldn’t turn the goddamn lights off and then you popped your head into my room every two hours to ask me questions.”

How the hell is anyone supposed to sleep in a setting like that? Is the room even remotely comfortable? What about the bed/pillows? Are they those slippery plastic-covered things that you side around on… and that make you sweat when your body temperature rises with sleep? That sounds pleasant…

It sounds to me like they do everything they possibly can to prevent you from being able to go to sleep in order to study your sleep habits. I cannot make sense of that.

Yecchhhh!!! I’ve never done more than 24 hours (last December - nighttime AND daytime studies). I hate them with the passion of a thousand suns. You have my deepest sympathies!

My first one was in 2000(ish) and the place was a mess. They unplugged the lamp so I couldn’t even read myself to sleep, popped into the room every time I moved an inch to make sure I was all right, then when I did need to be unhooked to use the bathroom, nobody came until I screamed “IF YOU DON’t GET ME UP NOW I’M GOING TO WET THE BED”. I wasn’t that desperate, but I was that mad (dare I say “pissed”). I’da done it too, out of sheer spite.

And of course after that, there was no way in hell I was getting any more sleep. I made them unhook me after that.

2 more over the next year and a half, each at a different place, none finding enough apnea to be worth treating, rarely even finding disturbances due to my RLS.

Finally had another one about a year ago that (yay?) found enough apnea to be worth treating… then the CPAP titration one (with a badly-fitting mask)… then when CPAP wasn’t helping and I switched to a new doctor, I had the 24-hour one. So that’s 6 in total. Not a week’s worth but pretty close.

And then they’re stunned at the thought that anyone might have trouble sleeping in such an environment!

When I had my most recent one, they actually had an option where for a nominal fee (like 30 bucks), you could spend a night there beforehand so at least you were familiar with the place. This reduced some of the issues. I didn’t bother because I’m such a veteran.

The rooms have always been dark enough, but the beds are uncomfortable as hell. Usually just a single bed, which if you’re like me and like to sprawl, is not great. They’re hard. The pillows are covered with crinkly paperoid stuff (hint: bring your own pillows. When you’re in the waiting room with the other patients for the evening session, you can tell who’s done this before by the bag containing their own pillows). I just noticed the “lights on” in the OP - what on earth??? Don’t they have IR cameras???

Be sleep deprived. I typically will try to get 4 hours or less sleep the night before a study (the most recent one was an exception; they really wanted me to be as well rested as possible to help with the daytime data gathering).

They wake you up at 5:30 in the morning and seem to think you’ll be able to go to work afterward. WTF??? I always schedule mine on a weekend night because I know I’m going to be trashed, and need the rest of the day to get some real sleep. At the very least, it’ll take an hour to shampoo all the snot out of your hair (and I’ve alwas found some that I missed, the next day).

Finally at 1am last night they let me at least close the door, for the first time ever … then at 3am … YAY … I had an episode (the little door stop on the floor turned into a coachroach and was warping - I became conscious with about 4 nurses in my room - not sure what I did to get them in there!). Now organising to discharge myself … they’ve got their episode … I can’t do anymore … I’ll go nuts!!

Mama Zappa - no infrared here … full lights … single bed … one awful pillow … no covers … nurses walking back and forth and talking at the desk right outside my room … person moaning down the hall (poor thing) … and alarms going off constantly.

I have to sleep with a massive lump of thing attached to my wrist with a heart rate monitor on my finger … plus a pack around my waist that connects to my head thingies. My head is all wrapped up in bandages (I do look like a mental patient who’s had brain surgery!) but I have altered the design a bit so I have a pixie tuft at the top (gotta laugh in a situation like this)!

I’m not actually sure what else they could do to make it less likely I would sleep!!! At home I live in the country - nearest neighbours 1/2km away … no traffic … silence (well, except for the kitties purring in my ear!).

They have at least worked out I don’t need checking so I’m not getting vitals done every couple of hours like the first night.

I can NOT wait to have covers tonight!!! woohooo!! Oh … and welcome back sleeping tablets!!

Holy moly. You sleep study veterans have my total sympathy. My doctor has been trying to get me to agree to a sleep study and if I had any doubts before, I certainly know now that I could never do this. If I can’t wander around all night, that’s a huge problem. Not to mention lack of a blanket, substandard pillow, people talking, monitoring stuff on me, lack of privacy (what if my booga mooga itches?) . . . Ugh.

I couldn’t even sleep well when I was hospitalized and on IV morphine. I can’t sleep at home in my own very comfy bed with a dark room and everything optimized for sleep. In my case, I have to wonder hat the heck they think they’re going to learn from a sleep study, other than how long I can go without sleep.

Maybe they get their kicks from seeing how long they can keep people awake!!

Interesting … apparently I had TWO episodes last night and pushed the alert button for both!! I only remember the one.

I’m now disconnected - my head is mine again!! Just waiting on final doctors appointment to leave! But I have walked around the wards and gotten out of my cell!!

They are talking about me coming back for another study … noooooo way are they getting me hooked back up again!! Unless they can promise some form of treatment.

What an insane facility! If you do need any sort of overnight study in the future, do NOT go there. Seriously. This place sounds frankly incompetent, what with making it even MORE impossible to sleep than most sleep study places do (and having had 'em at 5 different facilities I’ve got a better-than-average sample size to draw conclusions from).

For what it’s worth: for those of you who need one and are avoiding it: Miss_Gnomer’s tale is probably the worst I’ve ever heard of. Also, if someone has a really severe case of apnea, supposedly you’ll fall asleep any chance you get. I guess mine isn’t severe enough, LOL.

Oh - and the lack of blankets and bright lights are highly unusual. The privacy… yeah, there’s a video camera on you. You can itch whatever you want under the covers… though one method of inducing sleep was something I couldn’t bring myself to attempt :D. You definitely can’t wander around easily because yeah, you’ve got wires coming off of pretty much every part of your body.

They often don’t have bedside lamps, but I’ve never had one complain about my bringing my iPod, a book / reading light, etc. so at least I wasn’t lying there with NOTHING to do.

Mine is not a normal sleep study … I actually had a home sleep apnea test done first and that was easy and relatively comfy! (I don’t have sleep apnea) So as Mama Zappa says - please don’t be turned off being properly diagnosed based on my experience!!

The facility I went to is set up for epilepsy … but the diagnosed epileptic patients had it worse than me - they didn’t get a bed … just a chair that semi-changed into a bed (no covers still) … and when they had seizures they were getting radioactive stuff injected in them, then being taken off for scans (watching the nurses run when the seizure alarms went off was fun). They also had to have someone (a family member) with them ALL the time … I don’t have anyone I know who I could spend that amount of time with in such a small space!

As I was leaving a nurse commented that idea was to stress out people to induce seizures … and after my solitary confinement with constant lights … I’ll confess to anything!!! :slight_smile: No need for other torture!!

I had computer, books, games, tv, movies and other stuff to do … but that all pales when stuck in one place for 74 hours with minimal sleep! My bed is calling … I’m off to sleeeeeppppp!!!