Curse you, Dell! Screw you, Best Buy!

As some people may know from my series of confused posts, I am buying a computer. In fact, I just did. Or at least, I thought I did. What I actually bought was a Ferrari with a butane lighter instead of a starter. The computer itself is extremely powerful for the money. It simply doesn’t have the ability to back up its claims with juice.

Basically, it has a piss-poor power supply. Now, I wouldn’t really care. I considered that I might have to put a new one in. The pain came form the fact that Dell had no info on the items is sold Best Buy, not even much printed on the damn box. I eventually had to open up the case to find out what the power requirements were.

Now, following this I decided I would be quite content to run the new video card with low power. I’m good with it. Graphics aren’t that important - I just needed to get the thing running so I can actually use 3D. But no. No no no.

They didn’t actually include any cables to plug in the damn graphics card. Yes, there are other things which use PCIx slots. But not bloody many. In fact, I can’t actually think of any. At all. The only possible use for a PCIx slot is for a damn graphics card. A card you can’t plug in because there no cable for. There is not a 4-pin molex plug. There is not a 6-pin molex plug.

So, I go get a more powerful power supply. But wait! Dell doens’t like people actually using their computers. That would have been too easy. Fortunately, one of their engineers had a cunning plan to stop any such fun. They simply cut the case in such a way as to prevent anyone from putting in a useful power supply, and then added a couple metal tabs for good measure.

Right now, the only way I even imagine this thing being useful is to remove the entire computer assembly from the case and pull out a teeny-tiny power saw. And maybe a blowtorch.

However, I’m not going to let Best Buy* off the hook here either. They pretty much have no information on anything. The only reason trained monkeys can’t do their jobs better is that they can’t yet speak English. Although the monkeys would probably treat customers beter and not fling as much poo. The only efficient employee around is the guy who sits at the front and treats everyone like thieves.

And believe me, if I could have found another supplier anywhere in the county, or the next counties over, or even on this side of the damn State, I would not have bought at Best Buy. My only other option was to have a crappy, overpriced computer bought online. This way, I can at least still complain to the manager of Best Buy tommorow and watch with glee as they take the stuff back.

They are simply the only game left in town, and they don’t even operate in half the city. It’s not so much that BB is competent but that all the competition was so absofuckinglutely incompetent that BB is left standing. I suppose in the land of the blind and deaf people with no noses or tongues and a rare all-body eczema and only two fingers per hand… the guy with all that except still with one cataractic eye is king.
Now, since this is the Pit, probably forty people will pop up informing me that it’s blatantly obvious that you need a metalurgist and laser-cutter these days, or that al l the cool kids know you develop X-ray vision with internal rulers for looking at parts hidden inside the case inside the box and comparing them to other, possible hardware you might need which is also inside a case inside a box. )r some similar nonsense.

Please, go enjoy your fun somewhere else. I’m too tired and too torqued off.

Well, you know that some idiot is going to come in here and tell you what you SHOULD have done. So…that idiot might as well be me. Never by a computer at Best Buy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry about what happened to you…I feel your pain as I had a similar problem with power supplies and video cards in the past. I don’t suppose it’s possible to return the thing and get something else at this point?


I was just going to pop in and wonder how, after doing research here of all places, you ended up buying at Best Buy. But you’ve covered that admirably. So I got nothin’.

I tried. I really tried. I just don’t want to buy the entire computer from an online-only store. Somewhat similar reason, really: they don’t always put complete specs online, and there may be no good way to tell whether or not the item can actually do what I want. So same deal just a longer return wait. And even with that, I wasn’t planning to buy until they enticed me with large discount.

Now, I don’t know what I’m gonna do.

The reason I buy online is actually because I CAN get the complete specs in most cases…and I can customize the box to suit my own needs, instead of having to buy something that is a cookie cutter generic system. I’ve never had an issue with them sending me a system that didn’t have the specs they advertised, honestly.

Yeah…that’s how they get you. I’ve been burned buying stuff from the big electronic stores so often in the past that I rarely buy anything other than some small electronics or cabling from them these days. Even games I buy online now.

Take it back and tell them that it doesn’t meet your needs, that the power supply is not what you need. If they can do something about it, fine…if not, get your money back and look elsewhere. Go online to Dell, HP, etc and spec out a system, then start a thread, cut and paste the system specs and what you want to do with the thing, and look over the responses. There are some fairly savvy gaming and systems 'dopers here, I’m sure you’ll get some decent advice.


You didn’t try…you gave in. There are so many reputable sources (not the least of which would have been a GQ thread on the Dope asking"What Computer Should I Buy?") to buy computers from that I’m surprised that YOU are surprised that you bought one from a “kindler, gentler” Circuit City and had issues with the machine, specs, bloatware, etcetera ad infinitum…

ETA: I sincerely mean no offense, it just sounds like an impulse buy without research.

Wrong. There was no problem with the machine, the specs, or bloatware per se. The problem was really in the case design and the fact that ther was no way to check ahead of time. I despise Dell for this particular crap and BB for selling it, but my big issue that I have no way of reliably avoiding it without getting a ridiclously expensive custom job.

As for the “reputable sources”, well, I haven’t seen much unless I want an overpriced custom box shipped from California (answer: No, I don’t.).

Yeah. It was totally an impulse. A four-week impulse with careful research and searching for deals and optimal price-points. I was taken down by something I couldn’t research, not for lack of research itself.

This is why I still build my own even though you don’t really save much money doing so anymore. Ones I’ve seen bought retail seem like such a grab-bag of decent and substandard parts, and are built to be hard as hell to modify, that its still worth the fairly minor extra time it takes to just buy stuff from newegg and plug it togeather yourself.

Sounds like you got what you paid for. Next time get out of the stone age and buy online. Online retail has come a long way since 1994.

If you don’t care warranties or anything, what about just throwing everything and a new power supply into another case? You can get an ATX case pretty cheaply if you try.

You can’t research/verify the wattage of a power supply? Or get a company that sells you a computer the wrong one to recant and correct the issue? You bought a computer from (and is) Dell?

ETA: and everything else you bought from them was per your specs? Interesting.

Upon re-reading, it sounds like you got jobbed on the PS yet cannot easily replace it due to the case. Either replace the case (not a huge deal), convince Dell to send you an alternative (because cases are cheap) or learn the lesson not to buy a computer from Dell.


Did you buy the computer and the graphics card at the same time? If so, just take them both back and say that what they sold you do not work together. Get your money back and start over.

Dell probably just wants you do have them install a new Dell-sanctioned power supply.

BTW, will Best Buy take a computer back if you’ve already opened the case? I know every prefab computer case I’ve seen has a seal so they can tell you’ve opened it, and I assume there’s a reason for that.

Never buy Dell. They are renowned for their built-in difficulties to modify or upgrade their systems.

I buy PCs from Velocity Micro online.

Sorry you’re having to deal with it.

That’s not true across the board. Dell business-class machines are a breeze to open up and upgrade. I can’t speak for their consumer-level stuff though because I’ve never used it.


My old XPS 700 had a proprietary power supply (built into the base of the system), so it was difficult to upgrade that using non-Dell power supplies bought off the shelf. Other than that though it was a breeze to upgrade everything else. I probably wouldn’t go with Dell again, but that’s more a personal choice.


Dell sucks lately anyway. I ordered a tower from them at the end of January; it had massive overheating issues. After finally getting through to someone who could activate the warranty exchange, I was told that it would take 3 - 4 weeks for the replacement to arrive. No thanks.

You can upgrade them with components you buy from Dell, yes. Even their business class machines are non-standard in unexpected ways.