Cursed Cel service. Verizon's no good very bad day.

At exactly 9:17am I got a text from the lil’wrekkers boyfriend. (A funny cat pic, he’s driving me crazy) That’s the last text I recieved or sent. Verizon has been on the dark side of the moon today. No matter, to me. My Wi-Fi was working fine. My electricity was good. I ran to the post office. At 2:ish, still no cel service. I had to go around the back way home. Log truck turned over on the short cut. Thankfully I had no issues. No cel service on those old state roads is scary. Even if Verizon wasn’t down the service is spotty at best. I finally got home fine. About 5:00 my phone (s) started chirping. My DIL was frantically trying to get me. I scared her, sez she!! I didn’t do anything. It was all Verizons fault. And a stoopid truck turning over. Why is it always my fault.
All in all I got 35 text messages on 2 phones. I didn’t even count the voice calls. And a butt-load of emails. Umm…yeah. Delete!!
The news said Verizon had a cut cable or something. It was on the freakin’ news. It’s not something I did. Dearest DIL.:slight_smile:

Holy shit…reading your thread made my head explode…

so the gist of this is that for less than 8 hours you couldn’t get online or have cell service…

so…you have been here for 2 years and have… +17,000 posts…and you missed 35 text messages in that 8 hour period…

What the fuck do you do with your life other than Fish in the straight dope Pond??? OK…i get it, you text a lot.

Hey, what can I say? I don’t have much of a life.
But…I have alot to talk about.
I didn’t even mention the lil’wrekker or my Siameezers.
Careful you might shake a tale or 2 of their lives out.:smiley:

ETA, the thing most of the texts and calls were from 1 person, DIL…

Hey, what’s with all the ellipses…jeez…
The point of this thread is the fact that Verizon was dead. I wasn’t the only person affected. It was on the effing news.
So sorry you were inconvenienced:)


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Your daughter’s boyfriend sends you cat pictures?

Yes. They’ve recently announced their engagement. So as a sign of good will I exchanged numbers with him. Now he sends me cat pics and recipes. Crazy.

What kind of recipes and BECK!!!1!1!! How COULD you? Cat recipes??? You need to have a serious sitdown with the with the young betrothed couple, sumfin ain’t right if they’re meddling in cat recipes. :wink:

Disturbing. You are.
Mostly it’s recipes for hummus.

4pm Sat, the live Verizon Outage map still shows Central Arkansas is down.

I use Consumer Cellular and they typically use AT&T towers. I suggested my mom sign with them and she had good service in S Ark. She’s relocated to Central Ark and has the same plan.


Soylent Green is…

Oh. Hummus. Nevermind.

^^^You so bad.

But but well but you’re the one who said cat pictures and recipes…:smiley:

I am, admittedly, twisted.

I blame the existential isolation

I made a clerical error. You’re ok, Chaz, for alerting me to my failings.
They got a cream for that existential isolation stuff. Saw it on a commercial. Speak to your doc.

S’all good, I really do have a twisted assholish sense of humor.
Hmmm, new sigline…

I like it. It could work for you.

Consult your doctor… ExoIsoloft may cause heart failure, brain damage, anal leakage, hearing loss, ankle swelling, or projectile vomiting. Do not take ExoIsoloft if you are allergic to food, water, air or ExoIsoloft.

So true.