Curses! Foiled by Karma!

So, I woke up this morning at 8 to get to class, but remembering my clock was a few minutes fast, decided to lay back down until I really had to get up.

Well, more than a few minutes pass, and I decide that I might as well just go back to sleep. At about 9:30 my neighbor’s alarm clock goes off. And it continued to go off for the next two hours.

Damnit, I skipped class so I could sleep, not be woken by that annoying buzzing sound that, even though soft enough to sleep through, triggers an automatic wake response from someone used to them. The bright side, of course, may be that the alarm didn’t wake him up because he’s dead.

Well how about that. I was going to go to the dining hall on the ground floor (I live on the tenth floor) and right as I turned the corner I see the door to the one working elevator closing.
“Screw it, I’ll take the stairs”
After going down to the next floor I find… my glove that I dropped there earlier today without knowing! Huzzah!

So laziness isn’t allowed to be enoyed while taking the extra effort to exercise is rewarded. There is a lesson there, but I refuse to learn from it because it’s inconvenient for me.