Customer Service

Job interview soon involves sales floor exercises (presumably, seeing how I (the interviewee) deal with ‘customers’.

Anyone any hints or done similar interview?

Thanx, IJ

You didn’t mention what sort of business, but if you have enough time before your interview you might try going to a similar business to study what the floor reps do.

Good luck!


Thanx for any help

The best advice that I can give is:
Listen to the customer. Don’t interrupt or talk over them. If they’re upset, let them vent and don’t take it personally. If they’re confused, they get to be…it’s your job to find the answers. Listen to them. Be patient and calmly offer to help. Use positive statements. Don’t refer to their situation as a “problem.” Don’t abandon them. Smile. Empathize. Listen to them.
Don’t show off, act like a know-it-all or be condescending. Avoid “rehearsed indifference.” Listen to them.

Listen to them.