Cut ceramic tile without the right equipment?

I have to replace one bathroom tile, and I don’t have a tile saw. If I have to get a hold of one I will, but I was wondering if there’s any way to do simple cuts using “normal” tools instead. I just need to turn this one tile from 12x12 to about 8x8, so getting all set up with a tile saw seems like overkill.

You can buy a tungsten-carbide coated wire blade for a hand hacksaw. They’re cheap, and they work.

Both Home Depot and Lowes offer tile cutting. They have a wet saw and can do the cuts, just bring it in. In theory it is for tile purchased from them and they often wave the fee due to that but you don’t need to explain and can pay them for the service. 25 or 50 cents a cut.

[del]You can rent tile cutters from Home Depot and Lowe’s.[/del]

Simulpost up against a better (cheaper) answer.

How many tiles do you have to practice on? You could try making a few scores with a glass cutter, laying a dowel rod under the cut line and applying even pressure on both sides till it snaps. It can be done but the right pressure is tricky.

If you don’t care about karma, go buy one, use it once then return it.

Edited to add: It sounds like you need to do more than one cut on a single tile. Definitely get the cutter. If you have to do an inside cut, you will have to use the saw.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I don’t know why I didn’t think that Home Depot would offer this as a service. That’s probably the simplest way to go.