Cut the ambiguous, PC correct, diplo-speak, please!

After reading this article I became a bit annoyed.

For some reason…

really fucking ticks me off.

Why the fuck are people talking to the US in this diplo-speak bullshit? I’m sick and tired of this we have evidence!, we have evidence! BS. Are there any straight shooters left in the world?

If I was in charge I would pose the following question…

Look fuckwads, If you have evidence, show us or shut the fuck up! You want to avoid war? :rolleyes: Then tell us! Oh you can’t compromise how you obtain intelligence? Then let’s figure out a fucking way to get it without giving away your secrets! Surely that’s easier then a war!

What’s my point? I guess I don’t have one, other then whoever is running this propaganda war for the US is a moron.

Repeatedly grind it into our head the Saddam is evil? We get the point, now lay off.

A year or so ago I was all for blowing him off the face of the earth, now I feel like he can’t do anything right.

I guess I wish people would cut the bullshit, on both sides of the argument, whether it’s Iraq, Presidential elections, or something else, and tell it like it is.

Remember the character Larry Hagman played in Primary Colors?
(yes yes don’t tell me about the coke :wink: )

And if a Mod should feel moved to change “PC Correct”, to just “PC”, please feel free.


This may be the first time I’ve seen someone complain about the Bush administration being overly diplomatic…

I think he means the inspectors.

Yep just wish the inspectors would call out the “We have evidence” bs. Not in some round about, smoking gun way, but nice and blunt.

And when the presidential primaries begin, all that double talk will most likely drive me insane.

Is is really that bad for public officials to be brutally honest?
(yeah yeah their career and all)

My job as a front desk agent only got harder the day a plane crashed into the zoo and all the animals escaped. An 800 lb gorilla named Magilla wandered into our hotel and took the elevator to the top floor. I doubted he could prove he had reservations for the president’s suite, but I looked it up in the computer anyway. As hard as I tried, I could not find “Gorilla, M” anywhere on the reservation list. Then I asked myself, “Self, where does an 800 lb gorilla sleep?”

Damn, it sure took a lot of bannanas to get him out of there.

Ah. Well, then I agree. Carry on.