Cute chicks! (pics)

Our laying hens are pretty much postmenopausal, and since they are pets, we will not be eating them. They’ve laid thousands of eggs, so now they get to enjoy their golden years.

But we need eggs, so that means replacement chicks. We picked up two Araucana chicks last week, and have two golden comet chicks coming tomorrow. Each evening we sit with them and offer them a treat (meal worms) by hand. When they are fully feathered and go out to the coop, they will remain human imprinted and that is part of the fun.

So I took a picture and posted it on Facebook, lamenting about how I bought eggs that were obviously well beyond their sell-by date. A joke, right? Well, one woman didn’t get it and ranted about how I should complain to the grocery store’s parent corporation.

Paraphrasing the Hindenburg disaster announcer:

“Oh, the stupidity!”

The woman works in a doctor’s office doing insurance paperwork.

Mighty reassuring.

I was hoping it was this kind of chick when I opened the thread. I’d have been thrilled to get those eggs from the store! Great picture. Scary friend.

Any chance that she is just running with the joke? You know someone here would gone that direction.

They are, indeed, cute. Please continue to share!

Cute chicks!

I hope there’ll be more pictures of them in the future. :slight_smile:

Nope, she’s not that kind of person. She’s the one that shares every wacky Snopes conspiracy theory thing out there, then argues when somebody explains the truth to her.

More pics when I pick up the golden comets ( a cross between a Rhode Island Red Male and the Rhode Island White Female).

Adorable! Too bad they grow up to be ugly as sin and also stupid. Tasty, though.

Noooo! Our hens are all beautiful.

And all the chicks are above average…

The Araucanas are growing up fast! Anxiously awaiting puberty.

They looked identical at hatching; now, not so much.:slight_smile:

Golden Comets.

Our hens are all named, though I do not remember/keep track. My gf, though, can collect eggs and name the hen each egg came from (based on an egg’s color, size, shape, peculiar features).

Cute birds.

With that ‘imprinting,’ do they stay around better or come when you call or??

What is the fun or advantage to it?

I have forgotten everything I did not used to know about chickens.

When the feathers come in do they stay that lovely golden color?

Adult Golden Comets look like Rhode Island Reds, just a bit washed out color wise. They are good layers. When our hens mature they are very tame. They’ll follow us around the yard if we let them loose (they roam in a fenced in paddock area by the barn normally).

When friends bring their kids over, the chickens will politely take peanuts from them, and will snuggle on their lap if they sit down in the grass.

Cool. Especially for your visitors. :smiley:

Beauty is in the eye of the beakholder.