Cute Culture

Anyone into this? I myself am not, but I guess it’s just another hobby or type of collection like stamps or coins or snow globes (my personal collection :slight_smile: )

This article says some people are shunned for collecting cute things, but that I don’t understand. So, SDMB, what have you to say or elaborate about “Cute Culture”?
Some picture examples
Hello Kitty Collection
Kawaii tumblr
Kewpie Doll Collection

It’s not my thing, and that is a big part of the reason I am not as far into anime as would seem logical, given that I am a comics geek, writer, Japanophile, and artist. However, it did provide dandy story fodder when I was writing about Devilbunnies.

I’ve seen more instances of jeering and mocking of cute things as “uncool”, TBH.

I’ve collected Hello Kitty items since I was 10,and my daughter likes Hello Kitty also. However, when I bought her a Hello Kitty rolling backpack to take to middle school, she rejected it because it was too childish. So I exchanged it for some other Hello Kitty items for myself, including some plastic containers and an insulated lunch bag, which gets me compliments from the other ladies at work. I don’t care if I get called “uncool” for this, since I gave up on coolness many years ago.

Lucky, I am waiting for when my 4 year old daughter is too little for Hello Kitty. That will be sad :frowning: