Cutting, attaching and copying. What's this called?

For example, if I take newspaper clippings and pictures, and tape them to a piece of paper and copy the sheet of paper using a Xerox copier, what is this process called?

Cut and Paste?

A waste of tape?


Copyright infringement? :stuck_out_tongue:

Aww you beat me to it :wink:

Ok, it’s my own work. I used the newspapers as an example.

I want to say it’s a collage, but a collage is a bunch of clippings all together on a piece of paper. What would it be called if a collage were copied onto one page to show 1 image instead of clippings? Just thought there would be a name for it is all.

OK, I’ll take another shot at it. How about ‘a Xerox’?

If you want something artsy sounding, I think Larry Mudd came closest so far.

Collaxerox sounds too much like laundry bleach.