CVS plans to stop selling tobacco

Huh - that’s funny. In my town the 2 Walgreens are very shabby and ill-kept and 2 CVS stores are much better kept. The third CVS, well, we won’t discuss that one.

It will influence me to shop at CVS instead of Walgreens.

Should CVS be forced to sell cigarettes? I mean, they’re not illegal!



It’s amazing to see people lose their heads over this.

Of course FOX is freaking out about this. President Obama congratulated CVS on their action, so FOX had to come out in favor of smoking.

They would have been against it anyway. “Wussification of America,” yada yada yada.

I love Gretchen Carlson wondering if it’s illegal for CVS to stop selling tobacco products.

That’s pretty much FOX news in a nutshell.

That’s not what they’re implying at all. What a bizarre interpretation of this decision. As has been pointed out already, this is a marketing/branding decision.

I love easy money. How much would you like to wager on this?

…the corner of health and/or happiness?

Yes they are doing it because they think it will help their bottom line, but if that happens, it is because people feel strongly about it, for many reasons similar to outright prohibition. They are of course allowed to do it as a private business.

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Is she actually making the argument that stores in the US should be forced by the government to sell products that they don’t want to sell?

CVS is a pharmacy, right?

Pharmacies in America sell cigarettes?!

Do your dentists sell Coke? Do your psychiatrists sell LSD?

I think she’s too confused for anything she says to constitute ‘making an argument’ for a given proposition.

CVS is more like a store with a pharmacy in the back. They sell food, cosmetics, OTC medicine, etc. The pharmacy which dispenses prescription drugs is usually in the back of the store. You can pick up your prescription and then get some shampoo, makeup, potato chips, toilet paper, batteries, magazine and a candy bar and pay for that stuff in the front on your way out.

No, but it would be sensible for them to be able to prescribe it.

I just hope they don’t stop selling Coke

I always pick up a couple of twenty ouncers when I’m picking up my diabetes medication; it’s just so convenient

How far will the nanny state go?

You make a good point but I don’t think nanny state applies in this situation seeing how this was the company’s decision; not the government’s.

I know a dentist who sponsors a youth hockey team. I asked him what he did in the off season, sponsor a candy eating contest?

Not really. If you look back a few decades the U.S. had a retail segment called the variety store (Woolworth and Kresge were a couple major chains). These stores have virtually completely disappeared. Variety store merchandize has not disappeared; instead it now bought at drugstores, discount stores (Kresge morphed into K-Mart), supermarkets. The traditional drugstore common at the time of variety stories was much smaller–mostly the pharmacy and HBA (health and beauty).

CVS is just the latest in a long line of retailers to drop cigarettes. Target did all the way back in 1996 and Wegmans (the largest grocery store chain in NY state) did it in 2008.