Cylindrical Prism icon on Laptop?


On my laptop, there’s this icon that looks like a cylindrical prism. Its right beside the power LED, and has it’s own LED too. What is it suppose to indicate?

Does the LED flash a lot, especially when you are saving or opening a large document? It is most likely the indicator for hard drive activity.

Oh yeah it does. Thanks!

In computing, storage is indicated by a cylinder shape. You’ll also see this if you use any GUI tools for databases.

I would guess that it comes from hard disks. A drive is almost always a stack of platters, each divided in to circular tracks. There is then (or at least, used to be) a concept of a cylinder, which incorporates a certain track from all platters, thus making a cylinder.

As I understand it, it goes back to the days when hard disk drives were the size of washing machines.

Whoa! 200Mb! That could almost hold the file I’m working on right now. Almost. :smiley: I actually remember using those damn monstrosities into the eighties. Damn I’m old. :frowning:

$3400 for 10 MB.

Wow, it’s even got read lookahead! What a bargain!