Cynthia Watros

Okay, actually this is more about facial expressions, but I figured I’d get more drive-bys with an actress as a title]

I’m not a guy who goes ga-ga over media images, but I’ve caught a recent Fox comedy named Titus [very funny] and I saw an actress named Cynthia Watros. I understand she was on Guiding Light for a while.

For weeks, my reaction was “yeah-yeah, another too-skinny blonde, who cares?” But I kept watching the show [because my parents managed to be just a wacked out, without ever drinking] and after several weeks she shot Titus a sideways look that reminded me powerfully of a very special girl I once knew. To make things worse, every week she adopts more and more of the expressions and mannerisms of that girl, until I finally looked her up on the web to check if they were related. (I presumed that it was her natural body language, spilling through as she relaxed into the part)

Anyhoo… now I find myself fascinated by the subject of facial expressions, and body language. Physically, she looks nothing like my girl [quick sketch: a lot like Angie Harmon from Law and Order, except 5’3, more olive-skinned and with long black hair to her hips]

I throw the floor open to observations and reminiscences about body language and facial expressions. I know you won’t disappoint me.