Cyrillic Spam, in large quantities. WTF??

So lately the last few times I’ve done the cursory-peek thing at my Trash folder before keystroking the “Empty Trash” command in Eudora, I’ve had spam with Cyrillic characters in the Subject line, 3 sometimes 4 messages.

NOTE TO SELF: wow, you can encode the character set of the subject line itself, who knew?

Particularly weird were the ones that did mix-n-match with their alphabets: "hey ahunter3, " followed by a string of Cyrillic characters. Reaching out to that English/Russian bilingual audience of computer geeks?

I’m seldom curious about spam. I know way TMI about most of it from the moment I glance at the subject line (“Watch me Shovve BIG c0øcks up the blodd-oozing ripped a&nal tunnels of screaming barnyard an1mals”) but I’m oddly intrigued, don’t know why. (The east-Asian language spam doesn’t inspire me to wonder about content). Maybe because it’s new (I’m sure the novelty will wear off soon enough).

Y’all getting it too?

I’ve been getting the same for a while. The subject line always has a bunch of gibberish that uses a lot of accented characters. I set my e-mail filter to delete any incoming messages that used these characters in the subject line. Now I only see one or two a month.

I’m getting loads of it.

Actually, I tell a lie. I’m getting the Cyrillic stuff in the message field only. The subject line is the usual “Free P0rn h0t Chix” or whatever.

I get tons of Cyrillic spam (even posted a thread about it a few weeks back); oddly enough, I can read Russian, and most of it isn’t porn but rather ads for bulk e-mailing services based in Moscow.

Are you noticing a pattern to the domains it comes from?

I haven’t opened but one of them, and I didn’t take notice of what domain it was from. I just verified that the message text was all Cyrillic and then clicked the Eudora “blah blah blah” button to reveal the raw unfiltered/uninterpreted ASCII of the message to see how they got the subject line to come out in Cyrillic. They all get trashed by my spam filters but I peek now and then (in case some clown I used to know sends me legitimate email with three exclamation points in the subject or something; or sometimes just for an idle glance at the incredible harvest of junk before I delete it all, kind of like gawking at a car crash as you go by)