Cyst question

I can’t really go into great detail here because it involves private family medical history, but I just got an e-mail making reference to something called a “uryruls cyst.” The writer of the e-mail acknowledged they had no clue how “uryruls” is actually spelled, and saying it out loud repeatedly (no easy task) hasn’t given me any ideas.

Looking up “cysts” on both Google and WebMD yields more than I could ever hope to know about ovarian cysts, but nothing that sounds remotely like the kind I’m looking for.

So does anyone know what a “uryruls cyst” is and how it’s actually spelled so I can look up more information?

where is the cyst? finger? leg? ??

Urethral cyst?

Not sure. I think abdominal, though.

Hmm, maybe that’s it… sorry for being so cryptic about all this for now. I might be able to post more in the future.

Might be a ureteral cyst too.

OK, I can disclose some more details now. I had to give a medical history today and, as always, I knew I had a cyst as an infant but knew no details of it. So I asked my mom, and she replied with that odd spelling (and we still don’t know how it’s spelled or exactly what it is). But she told me that when I was 13 months old, I had some sort of fluid coming from my navel. The doctors thought it was a hernia but when they opened me up to fix it, they found the cyst and, well, needless to say I recovered fine.

Still no clue what it actually is though.

The reason I didn’t say more earlier was a fear that it would be something embarrassing, but it turns out it’s just something… weird. :slight_smile:

A search of “ureteral cyst” turned up all of three hits on Google, so I’m not sure if that’s what it was or not.

It’s probably a urachal cyst.