Czarcasm - why are you still a mod?

The purpose of complaints about moderator actions in ATMB is to allow posters to express differences of opinions about moderator actions. Personal insults are NOT permitted to be directed at moderators or anyone else.

The thread title here and this very thread are offensive and insulting. I and the other mods have let this bullshit go on long enough. Complaints about moderator actions are one thing; the tone and level of crap in this thread are something quite else. If you can’t discuss politely and courteously, go the hell to a different message board.

Pseudotriton ruber ruber, I have issued an Official Warning – your comment in post #39 is an insult and crosses the line. Yeah, it’s just one toe across the line, but it’s one toe too many from you. You were violating are rule about “don’t be a jerk.”

I’m sure you will start a shit storm about my daring to slap your wrist. I double-dog dare you to say nothing, take it like a man, and move on. I triple-dog dare you.

And that will be enough of this. Thread closed.

If you wish to debate moderator action – including mine in closing this thread – open a thread in ATMB to do so. If you wish to insult a moderator as a person, we have a Pit for that.

As staff on this board, we must wear two hats. We are people as well as staff members, and just as we put a stop to out-of-place personal insults against you, we must sometimes put a stop to out-of-place personal insults against each other.