Daaaaaay, After Daaaay

I will walk, and I will play

Special favors come in 31 flavors
We’re out of mints, pass the life savers

words make my mouth exercise

Why can’t I get
just one kiss?

Don’t shoot shoot shoot that thing at me.

I forget what 8 was for.

Get outta my dreams…Get into my car.

Screw the Femmes. Billy Ocean rules the earth.

There may be some things that I wouldn’t miss, but I look at your pants and I need a kiss.

guess it’s got something to do with luck
but I’ve waited my whole life for just one . . .

But Billy Ocean’s British.

I like American music. Do you like American music?

That bitch took my money and she went to Chicago

Words all fail the magic prize
Nothing I can say when I’m in your thighs

I look at your pants and I need a kiss

No more love on the run.

Come on dad gimme the car tonight

Mo my momma momma mo my mum

Gather round boys to this tale that I tell.
You wanna know how to take a short trip to hell?

Cause it’s gone daddy gone, your love is gone…

I dig the black girls

You can all just kiss off into the air,
behind my back I can see them stare.
They’ll hurt me bad, but I don’t mind,
They’ll hurt me bad, they do it all the time…yeah yeah.