Dah troll moment

I just realised that the increase in dumb-newbie-posters-who-act-like-real-jerks is probably related to the fact that middle school kids are out and about now. Was there a similar increase in stupid username newbies [like lumpy pants?]last summer? Stupid kid stuff.
Best advice I’ve seen so far is to ignore 'em. Let them waste their energy, move on or are shuffled back to middle school, or mature a little bit more.

Lumpy pants: does that mean s/he is a buskahosou? Mom used to say that this meant kid with a runny nose when it really means kid with shitty pants on… appropriate username huh?

This is really more of a MPSIMS thing. I might also add that I believe they enjoy seeing threads opened about them even more than they enjoy people responding directly to their comments.

Ignore them entirely.

Remember, only you can prevent sock puppets.

Actually, the stupid newbie trolls tend to linger around here after Christmas vacation and in the summer. It is worse this year than last.


You are wrong. No kids here. This board is too dry. Also, not enough of a pace. Younger types are in chat rooms. Trolling here is an old hand’s game, one requiring patience and persistence. Other sites either ignore trolls or erase them. Here, they can’t decide, so trolling is encouraged.



I’m locking this thread since it seems to attract the little bastard. Yes, our friend the troll was back and posted here again. Damn, I need a new mop.

But again, if you don’t respond to him, I’ll be along shortly to delete his posts. Carry on.