Daily injections of surreality

Did you ever have one of those? Chugging along at full steam in your daily grind, doing your very important thing that you do, when from out of nowhere, something totally surreal presents itself.

Last week, driving over the Dumbarton Bridge at 4:45pm, there was a clown in a brown Buick. Older model. The Buick, not the clown. The clown was wearing a rainbow-striped out-to-here afro wig, red suspenders, and a great big cheery painted on smile. As he passed everyone just sort of…slowed…down…and looked.

About five minutes ago, I was sitting in my office (yes, yes, the Fourth of July, what the hell am I doing at work, yada) trying to get some last minute paperwork done when next to my window walked a woman in full Scots military dress regalia, right down to the headband with a feather in front. I’m no good at telling one tartan from another; it was blue and black and had red pinstripes. She was carrying a drum. It just looked so out of place on a street with people in shorts & tshirts, joggers, etc.

Maureen - I don’t recall if I have posted to your threads before - but I love this stuff. Not quite as involved as that story about your radio-absconding, twit-like direct report, but I love the mental pictures…

Thanks! As a Redwood City native (Whipple Avenue, baby!) you represent the South Bay proudly!

Why thank you :slight_smile:
You’re quite close. I’m seeing lots of people go by, so I’m thinking the lady in the kilt was probably headed for a parade.

I saw a gaggle of teenagers in indentical white w/black pinstripe zootsuits at the grocery store the other day. I simply had to ask, “What’s up with the zootsuits, boys?” In broken Spanglish, they said, Joo see…we are going to a cotillion." Rock on, boys! I only wish I could have seen the girls they were most certainly going to be schmoozing up to.

I just went to Starbucks. I’m unshowered, with old clothes on and messy hair.

After ordering my drink I kept sneaking looks at a very fine-looking man sitting a few yards away reading the paper, of course noticing he doesn’t have a wedding ring on. Get my drink, open the door to leave, take one last look back at him. He looks up at me at the same time. Somehow my eyebrows go up suggestively at him and a sly little smile escapes in his direction. He gives me a look that makes my heart beat fast and my knees shake just a little.

It was a small moment of flirtation, but very powerful. I think I’ll go back tomorrow.