Daily Show 7-12-06 & Colbert Report

I am not sure why, but I found last nights show extra funny. Well at least until the interview.
The Site gags with Alaska’s Senator Ted Stevens. Showing an Old Coot and then Grandpa Simpson.
The explanation of the Internet Neutrality debate in Congress being demonstrated using the 3D Pipes Screen saver and showing various things going through a pipe was funny, but made hilarious by the disclaimer “courtesy of Ted Stevens Brain”.
The crazy San Francisco resident, who moved his family into the “gayest neighborhood in America” and then had the nerve to bitch about the blatant gayness of it, might be an all time classic. I lost it during the interview when the storeowner was being bleeped for everything he said except SUCKING.

Just a great episode.

Colbert found a Congressman with a good sense of humor. He was from the second district of Washington. I did not catch his name, but he took the abuse with a very well.
I think Mort Zuckerman actually got the better of Steven. It might be the first time I saw a guest handle his craziness and make some good points. I enjoyed the exchange that boiled down to
Mort: I have known Kerry for 30 years and I voted for Bush anyway.
Steven: So you like Bush?
Mort: NO, I think he is the worst President since at least Carter.
Steven: Then why did you vote for him?
Mort: Kerry would have been worse.

I do not agree with the last line, but I still found it very funny.


My two favorite parts about that bit: the fact that the guy didn’t see the relevance of moving next to La Guardia and complaining about plane noise (maybe because I’m from Queens.)

Darth Vaders new light saber.

Both Jon and Steven are always on their game after a break. The DTS segment with the Boston guy who hates walk-a-thons was freaking classic! funny as hell

I agree for the most part because he was pointing out that the “gayness” of a variety of things was what he didn’t like, but I have to agree that kids should be able to go to get a slice and not see sex toys. But after all, he did change the window display from mannequins bleep bleeping as a compromise.

I also loved the Santorum list (and how the audience cheered at the one about googling “santorum”–I usually wish the audience would STFU a little, but it makes me happy when jokes that originated on the Internet make it onto TV and people actually get the reference.)

Yeah, great episode of The Daily Show.

The Ted Stevens stuff was at the same time astounding in its stupidity and amazing in its hilarity. The accompanying images were perfect.

And WTF was with the guy in San Francisco? The complaints about the sex shop were stupid enough (and sorry, gigi, but i don’t agree with you at all that “kids should be able to go to get a slice and not see sex toys.”), but what i really found amazing was his antipathy to things like the Pride parade—events that are rooted in a history of opposing bigotry and oppression.

As i said to my wife after the show, the one consolation i took from the segment was that the moron probably isn’t going to be able to change anything, and that he will hopefully continue to be frustrated and annoyed by the things going on around him.

But the massive dildo light sabres were great!

Although, now, things will be even worse since he won’t be able to walk down Castro or Noe or Sanchez without eventually being recognized as “that Daily Show idiot”.

And I can think of several pizza places in the Castro that aren’t next to sex shops. What a tool.

Missed Colbert, but the Comedy Central website is very generous with download excerpts of both shows.

Since you mentioned a skit from an earlier episode, so will I: I enjoyed Colbert’s special report “Kids: What the Hell Is Wrong With Them” on Tuesday and his thing on wildfires on Monday. Especially Smokey the Dolphin.

Did you catch Stephen Colbert on Late Night with Conan O’Brian?

Very funny.

I am sad to say that despite knowing about it, I could not stay up to watch it.
Jon Stewart gave us the heads up at the end of the Daily Show. Included a good joke about the Daily Show & Colbert report running 28 hours a day on the Comedy channel.
I Conan replayed for those of us who could not stay up?


You can watch the Colbert interview on Conan here,

Part I:

Part II:

He busts out with the High Elvish in the middle of the second part. Perhaps Qadgop the Mercotan can tell us whether his pronunciation was any good.

His high-elven was better than mine (see my location) .
What he said was ‘Elen síla lúmenn’ omentielvo or a star shines on the hour of our meeting. It is what Frodo said as greeting to Gildor Inglorion when they met in the Shire. By Coincidence, I was just discussing Gildor with QtM this week.

Thank you for the link, a fun interview. The link for Letterman interview was fun also.


Probably not for long, though, since NBC is quick to remove clips from their shows posted to YouTube.

Then you might get a kick out of this. Really funny stuff.


So, what happens when you google “santorum”? I have a feeling it’s NSFW…

You can read the result from the first line of the first entry when the Google search is completed without having to actually click on any link, so I think that counts as SFW.

Nitpick, but I believe that that term originated with columnist Dan Savage, who writes a syndicated Q&A column about the most sexually bizarre things known to man.

It was. Savage started a contest to come up with the worst thing to link Santorum’s name to after he compared gay people to dog-fucking pedophiles (or some such thing). The winner got google-bombed so that it’s the first thing that comes up if you google Santorum’s name.

Santorum means:

The mixture of lube and fecal matter that can result from anal sex.

As in, “Damn! That was hot! Oo, let me get you a towel. There’s some Santorum on you.”

Savage also brought you the initialism DTMFA (“dump the motherfucker already”) which inspired ITMFA (“impeach the motherfucker already”).

You forgot the critical adjective frothy. :cool: