Daily Show going downhill?

Recently this show seems to swing wildly from hilarious to stoopid. The show on the 26th is a case in point. Unfunny, stale and lame. The other comedians on the show were pathetic, as is more often the case than not lately. Cordry has seldom been funny, nor has Bee or that other knucklehead. Stewart needs to clean house and hire some new talent.

I don’t watch much anymore (I don’t watch much of anything, anymore) but if you think Rob Cordry has “seldom” been funny, I think your entire premise is open to question. Guy’s a fucking riot.

I agree with Chefguy. Jon’s still good, as is Ed Helms. Jason Jones can be good. Rob Cordry’s on the fence. John Hodgeman (sp?) isn’t funny, and neither is Samantha Bee. Those two annoy me since they have good material and turn it into crap with their godawful delivery.

The Daily Show always goes downhill when there’s no election going on. The primaries just don’t provide enough material in a non-presidential-election year.

Though I agree that some of the “reporters” are not hilarious. Rob Cordry is funny, but Bee is borderline. Colbert never should have left- he was far funnier on The Daily Show.

I agree about most of the on-air talent. I still find the segments with Stewart typically very well-done, but most of the correspondents just suck. They try too hard to be weird in their interviews; they should be taking more of a straight-man approach, IMH comedic O.

Some shows work better than others. The last couple of weeks have been a real problem, because ongoing war - even media coverage of ongoing war - is hard to satirize. Still, the bit with the three reporters was pretty good.

I’ve never liked the correspondents’ away segments. Ever. They were never funny. It’s too easy for professionals to make fun of amateurs when they control the editing. Making fun of people does not equal funny, though.

Which means that Colbert was not funnier on TDS. He’s better now, although there are times I wish for smaller doses of him.

Keep the others in the studio and let Jon play with them more, instead of just being straight man anchor. And I like John Hodgeman: he’s different from the others, all of whom do variations on one schtick.

Jon’s schtick is getting a bit tired as well. Jon, stop with the funny noises and the self-comments before you turn into Conan. There’s a whole world out there to satire. Take advantage of it.

The only part of the Daily Show I really like is the first 10 minutes with Jon. Everything else I can usually pass. All of the Colbert Report is golden, though.

I think the show really went downhill when Stephen Colbert left. I think he is genius and the Daily Show benefitted both with his on camera performances, but also with his off-camera writing for the other segments.

I bet Jon wishes he never went on vacation that week. Its because he did that, Stephen got a chance to anchor. Then BOOM! At first, I didn’t like Stephens new show, but his last season and a half has really kicked it up.

Oh and on the Daily Show, I think it has gone a little down hill for the past few weeks.

Maybe they’ll bring back Mo Rocca?!?!

Even at its worst, the Daily Show still has more repertorial balls than any of the Big Three networks, CNN and Fox combined. Not to mention more incisive commentary and better interviews. When I see some other news show acknowledge that a Republican has said something retarded when a Republican says something retarded, then I’ll respect them.

Hey, I bitched years ago when I realized Jon Stewart wasn’t going to be using the Five Questions. Now, I don’t miss them at all.

I generally don’t like the field pieces as much as I like the anchor bits, but they can still be amusing. I don’t have any problem with any of the supporting cast, though I often wonder why they add someone from time to time as though they didn’t have enough people to begin with.

I don’t think the show is going down hill, though I can imagine that the same schtick may not bring on the laughter the way it used to for a lot of people. Possibly The Onion is as funny as ever, but I have a lot less enthusiasm for it these days, and don’t look forward to checking out the new issue every week the way I once did. But I still look forward to The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, and I am never disappointed.

I really got into TDS for a few months last year. But eventually “joke-but-sort-of-true news” got old. For me this thing worked on SNL when Norm McDonald did it, once a week.


It was better when Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin did it. Kevin Nealon (sp?), too, was funnier than McDonald.

Norm Macdonald was great because even if a joke bombed, he would just stare into the camera, mesmorizing the audience with his beedy Canadian eyes until everyone had to laugh. That’s a comedy pro at work.

Which he had a great number of chances to practice, because every one of his “jokes” bombed.

How about the audience of one?

Even better is Stewart is perfectly happy to call the Democrats out for being stupid and disorganized. The show is nowhere near as liberal as some people make it out to be.
TDS is done quite fairly, look at his support for McCain and yet he still called him out for giving the Keynote speech for Falwell. He does slam republicans more, but they are in power and people like Ted Stevens make it very easy.

I have also noticed summers are always slower.


I agree. I usually Tiva and fastforward through the segments (except ‘Back in Black’ which is usually funny.)

The show sails when Stewart is lampooning the news and interviewing guests and it dies when when the prerecorded segments start.

And who the heck thought the ‘trendspotting’ kid was funny??? Cripes, he makes Horatio Sanz look good.

I have to disagree about the correspondents - I think they are terrific, especially John Hodgman. His stuff is really well written, and I think his delivery is funny as hell.

His line about Abraham Lincoln being a, “… tall, gay, depressed, almost circus-like freak” made me fall over.

As for the show in general, I agree with the previous comment that it does wane a bit in the summer. I think because generally everything moves at a slower pace.