Daisy-Bob Theater

A short presentation:

My Dog Choosing A Place To Poop…

"You know, I don’t think I really have to poop.
Nope. I was thinking about it all the way down the stairs, and I really don’t think I gotta go. Thanks for taking me out and all, but I think I’ll just have a quick pee and up to bed we go.
You know, if I did have to poop, I’m thinking I’d probably do it somewhere in this area over here. {sniff - sniff} Yep. Definitely that’s the spot. That’s the spot where I would poop if I had to poop. Which I don’t. So let’s just go hit the hay.

Yep. That would be one great place to poop. Well, either there or over here. {sniff - sniff} Yeah, that is a good spot. Of course, that first place I pointed out, you know back over here … {sniff - sniff} … is a mighty fine poopin’ spot. But, like I said …

Hold the phone … you know what? All this talk of poopin’ has kind of put me in the mood. Now where was that good spot I picked out? {sniff - sniff} No, that’s not it. But make a note of that spot, it’s not half-bad. But I think it was over this way somewhere. {sniff - sniff} Nope. That’s not it. Damn it, I hate when this happens. {sniff - sniff} Wait a minute, now. Just let me think.

And stop looking at me like that, I can’t concentrate when you do that. {sniff - sniff} Wait! I remember. It was over here! {sniff - sniff} No wait, here. {sniff - sniff} Nope. Here? {sniff - sniff} Maybe it was back over here. {sniff - sniff}

Eureka, I found it! {sniff - sniff} This is the spot! And a good thing too. Jesus I can’t hold it a second longer. Oh, jesus, that Alpo just goes right through me. Oh god, this is going to be a big one …

Wait a minute. {sniff - sniff}

God-damn it, this isn’t the spot. {sniff - sniff} Nope. I think it was back this way somewhere. {sniff - sniff} No. {sniff - sniff} No. {sniff - sniff} Is this it? {sniff - sniff}

No. {sniff - sniff} No. {sniff - sniff} No.{sniff - sniff} Nope. {sniff - sniff} No. {sniff - sniff} Uh-uh {sniff - sniff} Nope. {sniff - sniff} No. {sniff - sniff}
Ah, screw it, here’s a good a place as any.


Where’s my cookie."

Thank you. Good night.

Just wanted to say FTR…


Thanks Jack. I needed that. And, a carefully chosen doggy-doody place is better than a hastily chosen doggy-doody shoe.

Thanks Jack. I always wondered what my dog was doing. It always looks like she’s carefully analyzing every minute detail of the environment and filtering it through her computer like brain to be absolutely certain the area is secure before indulging in such a vulnerable activity as number two but quite frankly I always suspected it was something closer to, “Hey! Grass!”