Dalek to Chinese translation

OK, a silly premise but still could use a serious answer. As you’re probably aware, Daleks speak in a near-monotone, while Chinese is a tonal language where the same word can mean different things depending on how it’s toned. So how do movies dubbed into Chinese depict someone speaking in a monotone? The words could be duly translated, but a Dalek speaking in a Chinese sing-song voice somehow loses dramatic effect.

This is just a WAG, but maybe they simply lose the dramatic effect and add the needed tonal variations.

Another possibility that comes to mind is that the translation is worded very carefully so that it’s unambiguous regardless of tone. I’m not sure if this is possible or not. It would depend on how dependent on tone the language really is.

No, they don’t. The ring modulation used in fact produces a very tonal-rich voice for the Daleks. Plus they also have that rising inflection WHEN THEY GET EXCITED! EX -CI -TED!

I love that as I read this I heard it.

Now you’ve got me thinking of Daleks having sex. OH BAY-BE! HARD-ER! DEEP-ER!


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A dalek speaking monotone chinese would not be difficult to understand. The tones can be inferred by context, otherwise song lyrics would be incomprehensible.

You win the thread. Bonus appropriate username.