Damage to carrier Wasp

I was told by a survivor of this accident, that it was caused by the ship getting the bow under a large wave due to running in a following sea. The bow was not peeled back, rather it was smashed down and bent. I know this because my brother-in-law was crippled by the falling deck. He spent the next 47 years in a wheel chair, but he always loved that ship. Matt.

I don’t recall, and cannot now find, any Cecil’s Column on the subject of damage to the USS Wasp. May I ask why you posted this here?

I was looking for that photo of the damaged Wasp for many years. I even had a reporter for the Daily News try and find it, no luck. Well the other night I did look again and there it was! Together with some other carrier coments, I thought that I would put in some information that I had for many years, I had never seen this forum before and as many others do not allow just any one to chime in for many reasons, I joined, but the forum would not let me back to the carrier page to comment. Shot in the dark, someone saw it, thanks for reading. Matt twak47

It looks like he is referring to this thread by Johnny LA

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There are photos of collapsed flight decks (bow section) of the USS Hornet (CV-12) and Bennington (CV-20) (but due to typhoon damage, 5 June 1945) here:

Reports on storm damaged carriers can be found here (alas, no photos): http://www.history.navy.mil/faqs/faq102-1.htm

Operational history of the USS Wasp can be found here: Wasp (CV-18)

The DANFS write-up on the Wasp mentions she suffered Typhoon damage to the bow section on 25 August, 1945. I found a photo on Wikimedia: