Damaged A-10 lands safely


Wow. I know the A-10 is designed for this, but it is way cool when things work as designed.


You should see some photos of damaged B-17s that made it back.

I remember a story about a P-47 that had over 100 bullet holes in it when it made it back.

Yep, them Warthogs are tough planes. Cool link.

A-10s are cool. I used to work with the 303rd Fighter Squadron out of Whiteman AFB, and got to hang around those planes a lot.

Up in the cockpit, sitting on that huge gun :eek:, surrounded by all that titanium, made me wish I’d gone to school to be a pilot. Hella cool.

Heard a story once (there could be a major BS factor here) from a Marine who claimed during Desert Storm to have seen and A-10 come out of Iraq streaming black smoke from one engine with body damage visible from the ground. Supposedly this Warthog took of fuel from a tanker, then performed a slow banking turn and proceeded back into the combat zone.

I’ll believe the first part, but I have my doubts about the pilot heading back into combat on only one functioning engine. Still, considering some of the photos I saw during that war and this recent action in Iraq, you never know…

More battle-damage pix found out on the web:

A teammate of mine just got back from the Middle East. He’s a bomb loader for the 110th Fighter Wing in Battle Creek, MI, which also flies the A-10. Three planes from his wing got shot up back in April over Nasariya (yup, I spelled that wrong) with only one pilot needing to eject. That pilot landed only a mile from the Army forces moving toward the city.

One of the others was barely hit by AAA fire, but the other that flew home had a big hole through one of the engines! My friend said it was really eerie to see a plane fly back with that much damage.