Damaged/Crappy photos needed (scanned/digital)

I’m practicing various digital photo restoration techniques, so I need damaged photos, over/under exposed photos, photos that are tinted strangely or largely one color… creased or worn photos…

I need as many as possible. Either email them to me or link them here and I’ll see what I can do. If they are under 600pixels in the largest dimension, you can also attach them to a post in this thread


Rats, by crappy photos in the OP, I thought you were talking about content. I have plenty of those. But now that I read your post, nevermind.

If you want a seriously too-dark photo, try this page on my Web site

Scroll down to the very bottom; you’ll know when you get there. It’s a picture of my wife and daughter, taken in a restaurant on a cruise. It was my way of showing why I finally dumped those !#$%! Kodak point-and-shoots and got a digital camera.