Dammit CDOT, you did it again.

To the Colorado Dept of Transportation – About 7 years ago, you widened about a mile of two lane highway to 4 lane. This was for the express purpose of making it easier to pass.

But you screwed it up. The way you stripped and aligned it the cars get funneled into the left hand lane. The passing lane. And to make things worse, at the end of the 4 lane stretch the right lane ends.

So naturally about half of the drivers are too lazy to get in the right lane so they can be passed. If you do get in the right lane like your supposed too, you often get boxed in by people passing you going .0001 mph faster than you are. Since the right lane ends, this forces the driver that’s paying attention to the rules to either pass on the right, or slow way down and get in line behind the slowly over taking cars (this is on a flat stretch BTW).

GRRRRRRR. No, the “Keep right except to pass” sign did not work.

After numerous accidents including 2 fatalities, CDOT re-aligned and stripped it so the flow goes naturally into the right lane, and changed it so the left lane ends when it goes back to two lanes. Works great.

But what do you do? A new 4 lane stretch is being built just up the road, and you did the same damn thing. How long is it going to take you to fix that one?

Psst. Only one “p”. The way you have it looks like strips of something. You want stripes.