Dammit, I broke my Waterman ballpoint.

Found it while I was moving - apparently I spilled something sticky on it years ago, stuck it in a drawer to clean later, and forgot about it. A couple of nights ago I put it in dish soap and lukewarm water and forgot about it again. When I dried it off just now it pulled apart.

It looks like this. The brass ring in the middle has two parts - the right end screws into that part; the left end…well, I’ve apparently soaked the glue off there, as well as the glue that used to hold on the brass bit where the ballpoint emerges. That latter part is going to be tricky as the end brass bit is attached to an inside brass tube that runs nearly to the top of the lower half of the barrel, but I do have syringes so should be able to squirt something through them.

What can I use to stick brass to brass, or am I going to have to take this in someplace for repair?

It’s unusual that soap and water would dissolve any reasonably modern glue. Urethane glues like “Gorilla Grip” will work for most adhesion duties.

It is unusal for these sorts of parts to be glued. Not on a better quality pen. And certainly not with any sort of water soluble glue. Usually they are threaded or designed for a press fit. I would be inclined to completely clean it up, and see what is needed to dry assemble it. You may find that it all simply goes together tight. Pictures of the actual pen in bits might help too.

Check to see if Waterman has a lifetime warranty on their products. I remember having a Cross pen break on me many years ago: I sent it in and they sent me a brand new replacement.