Dammit, I think I have to get a damn iPhone

I can get an upgrade with ATT. I was going to get a new Jack - upgraded from the BlackJackII that I have now.

I apparently can’t get the extra $100 off unless I upgrade my data plan to the $30/month from my current $20/month plan, making it a $200 upgrade instead of the $100 I planned on. (I’m not about to spend another $240 over the next 2 years for the more expensive data plan, I’m not that dumb.)

Well, for $200, I can get a refurb iPhone 3GS 16gb. I checked around and it looks like it’s compatible with my Outlook address book and Napster, so as long as I don’t have to change any of my other “stuff”, why the hell not get it? As much as I’ve resisted the Mac products, it’s a pretty damn good smartphone, and I wouldn’t mind ditching Windows Mobile as long as the iPhone can deal with all my other MS crap - that I won’t change because I’ve used it all my adult life and am used to it and am as much of a cheapskate as possible. (until I get into the “I want, I want” mode!)

Anyone use an iPhone as their only Mac product, with everything else not-Mac? I refuse to change to iTunes!!!

I could just wait and see what else pops up over the next couple of months, but I’m in the “I want” mode and have the extra dough. There’s nothing else in the upgrade area that I want, and is $200 or less. Dammit.

I have an iPhone and it’s my only Mac product. You will need to get iTunes if you want to back up your iPhone or download software updates.

I hope you aren’t getting a refurb 3GS 16Gb for $200, that’s the going price for a new one.

Your only Apple product.

Yes, new, I looked at so many I forgot which was which

Ah, right, Apple. Obviously we’re not users! I’ll try to remember.

Crud. It’s just an extra download though, right? Nothing I need to pay for? I can live with that. What do you use for music downloads?

It’s free and it’s what I use for music and video downloads but I’m not a big music and video downloader in the first place.

The iPhone is my only Apple product and I love it. I don’t have any hate for iTunes. My latest app download is the XM app. The phone is simply amazing. You won’t regret it.

Something I haven’t been able to google successfully - can you listen to music and browse the web at the same time? Sounds like an obvious thing, but I haven’t been able to figure out the actual “multitasking” limitations in the context of my particular usage!

It has to do everything my BJII can do plus more to be worth it. (for instance, the lack of stereo bluetooth support was a complete and total dealbreaker)

On the iPhone itself? Yes. The music-playing application has a special Apple-granted permission to run in the background while you surf the web, IM, or do other things. If you switch to another app that creates sound, this will end the music-player’s sound. If a phone call comes in, it will fade out the music-player’s sound, then fade it back in when the call is done. This doesn’t seem to happen with some other non-Apple apps; I’m not sure whether this remember-what-you-were-playing capability is exclusive to Apple apps, or whether the other apps’ programmers just weren’t taking advantage of it.

Sure can.

OK, sounds like an iPhone it will be. Sheesh I feel like such a joiner, maybe I’ve just been fearful of The Dark Side. I’ll bet I will never be able to use anything else. Won’t Apple think it’s just great that all they had to do to win someone like me over was to add Stereo Bluetooth?

Thanks for all the input. Anyone with anything else to add, please do- I’ll probably not do the deed until Monday.

My 32G 3GS is on order for sometime next week, do let us know what you think of it when you get it! I’ve had my 3G since early this year and I really love it. I did not love it for about 4 days while I was getting used to texting and general navigation, but it quickly subsided and now I can’t imagine not having it.
Phones are the only techy thing that I get really nuts about having the newest, coolest thing :wink: