Dammit! I've lost 18lbs, how come my belly doesn't look any smaller?

Is it because I see myself everyday which makes it harder for me to notice?
Or is it basically: stomach fat is the most stubborn fat there is, therefore, last to go?
I weighed in today at 200.6lbs, so it’s not like I’m expecting to be rocking 6-pack abs. It would be nice though, if I could at least NOT look like I’m in my 7th trimester.

Wow, that’s some gestation period.

When I did P90X they told us to measure our selves every week or so (and write it down) just for that reason.

Also, I don’t know if you’re one of those people that does 500 situps a day to try and get rid of belly fat, but that’s suppose to be a bad way to do it, not just because you can’t target fat loss, but because you’ll build up a sixpack behind the belly fat and make your belly look worse.

Your body saves the fat wherever it’s easiest to carry. For guys, that’s the belly. For women, hips/thighs/butt. A little bit in the face and chest, but mostly, from the ribs down. If you want to try to convince your body to move the fat around, it might help to do more exercise that’s easier if the fat is elsewhere, or gone entirely.

Then there’s the age-old adage: you didn’t put the weight on overnight, it should take at least that long to get rid of it.

is it subcutaneous fat around your midsection, or visceral fat internal?

Congrats on your weight loss. Are your pants fitting differently? You will be able to tell by your pants being looser, before you visibly notice a change. It’s also like you said, you are looking at yourself every day. Try measuring your waist, and keeping track that way. You’ll see a difference soon, if you keep going.

I’m in a like boat – thinner but still pot bellied about the same. The belt goes in but there is still this overhang hanging around. In my case, maybe specific area exercise will be the cure - its at least worth a shot.

Thanks for that. I have been doing core exercise but I’m not over the top with it.

I’ve been running 2 miles a day, three to four times a week, which is where most of my weight loss comes from. That, and a healthy diet.

Congrats, you’re definitely going about it the right way. Sadly, stomach fat may be the last to go, even when you are quite lean in other parts of your body. You may never get down to the body fat percentage that allows for you to have visible abs but you should be able to see results over time. 18 lbs is a lot, but depending on the distribution the gains may not be visible.

But the benefits of being healthier are still there. :slight_smile:

I bet you can see it in your face though and people are starting to notice.

Maybe you lost 9 pounds from each bicep.

You can’t spot reduce fat, but if any of the pot belly is from poor muscle tone in the abs, some crunches and/or planks might help. Running is good, but it does little for your abs.

Another way is to improve your posture. Stand up, pretend you have a tail, and tuck it between your legs. You want your innards to sort of sit in the basket of your pelvis, instead of spilling out the front.

Congrats on the weight loss, though.


Weight comes off where it wants to come off. Over decades of substantial weight loss and regain, I learned that you can never be sure where it’s going to come off (or come back on). IMHO, measuring is just going to make you more frustrated. Just keep working at it, and be proud of the weight you’ve lost, and one day you’ll wake up and realize that your pants are falling down and you need to cinch in your belt a notch or two. Tryin to reduce in a specific area rarely works. Aim to get healthier overall, and you’ll appreciate the results.

A lot of what I’ve read about weight loss places more importance on clothing fit and measurement of certain body dimensions rather than actual weight on the scale (muscle weighing more than fat per same volume). So are your clothes fitting looser?

Also, you might want to read about the long term calorie burn of lifting weights vs cardio, adding some weight training to your regime might help you with both the fat loss plus muscle tone.

I hear ya-- I’m right where you are. I’ve lost about 20 lbs. since the first of the year but I’ve been stuck at a plateau right around 194-195 for what seems like a few weeks now. My face doesn’t look as fat, which is great, and I went from the last notch to the third notch on my belt buckle. But I’m still a ways away from wanting to be seen in public with my shirt off this summer.

Still a couple months to go though, so let’s keep fighting the good fight!

This. I’ve lost about 40 lbs in the last three years but I have never noticed any changes when looking in a mirror, except maybe the lack of a double chin when looking sideways with a hand mirror. However, the difference is obvious to everyone I regularly come in contact with, every article of clothing I wear that comes in a specific size is smaller (33 vs. 38 waist, M Vs. X-large shirt, etc), and there is a clear difference when comparing earlier photographs to newer ones where at least 10-15 lbs has been lost.

This seemed pertinent. I’ve got a bit of a belly going, even after a couple years of heavy exercise & dieting. I’m beginning to think it’s gonna be with me for a while.

18lb is less than 10% of your weight. Are you absolutely sure that your belly isn’t 10% smaller? Any loosened clothing or belts that need to be tightened an extra notch? It can be really hard to perceive weight loss if you focus on one area of your body and wonder why it’s not visibly morphing into what you want it to be. The places you notice the change first might not be the places you were specifically looking to change, but nevertheless it’s happening all over. Stick with it and sooner or later the belly fat will have to go too. Good luck!

Keep it up, Shakes! Things will thin out eventually! (At least I keep telling myself that…my Eric-Cartman-esque double chin has to give up and DIE at some point!)

My body didn’t get this memo. I’m an apple, and it takes *forever *for me to drop pants sizes because of that. I lost 45 pounds and only went from a 20W to a 16W. :mad:

I always have proportionally smaller and shapely legs.

That said, my tummy and rib cage area have shrunk enough that I could see my feet if it weren’t for my boobs. :smiley: