Dammit, subconscious...

Stop giving me dreams about school! I haven’t stepped into a classroom for over a year now, and I would appreciate it if you stopped giving me dreams about being in high school, teaching in high school, being in college, or studying in college! You’re fucking with me for no good reason (except maybe, if you believe the dream interpreters, to tell me that I’m anxious about being able to get by in the real world, which I do NOT need you to tell me, thank you very much), and I’m getting damn sick of waking up in a panic because I didn’t study for a class I never took!

My times as a student were full of ups and downs, as were my times as a teaching assistant trying to impart writing skills to college freshmen. But I have absolutely no desire to repeat any of it. Now, if any of my cuter students would SLEEP with me, then maybe I’d forgive it, but as it is, gimme a GOOD dream next time, will you?!

Christ. I’m gonna be a teacher & I’m behind in getting my B.A. as well…Is this what I have to look forward to? I hope the fuck not. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a series of recurring dreams where I always seemed to be missing class and going to the wrong room at the wrong time. Every time I had the dream I would remember that in the dreams previous to it I had also missed the class.

Listen brain: I didn’t care about school then, and I don’t now. So the jokes on you.

One of my real-life friends has a recurring dream in which she is running late to get to a test for which she had not studied. She is 33 and has been out of school for 10 years. This could be a lifelong dream for you.

Homebrew’s friend and I have the same experience. Usually it’s a college class (or several) that I forgot about or ignored until the last day, but once I was back in high school, at my current age.

I read once that these dreams mean that you are concerned in your waking life with not getting things done on time, falling behind, and so on. Since I’m self-employed in a job with sometimes daily deadlines, and I have a severe distraction/procrastination problem (I’m here; there’s your proof!), I can totally believe this.

I also frequently have the “showing up at work or school or in public in the nude” dreams. Usually I’m trying to cover myself with my arms and by hiding behing things, but people don’t seem to notice. Supposedly this means you have a secret, something to hide . . . :: Scarlett looks around nervously ::

And then there’s the “I’m working back at my old job that I quit to become self-employed, either coming back after my long absence or subbing for a day or two” recurring dream. I always fall for these; “lucid dreaming” is not my thing. In the last dream, I even thought, “Wow, all those dreams I had about working here again, and now I’m really here.” What a sucker. I think I know what these are about though – even though I hated the people and the politics of the job, I loved and still miss actually doing the work.

Look, I’m sorry that your SO resembles one of your parent. I’m sorry that your boss resembles the other. Sheesh, you think its’ an easy job up here? You try it, ego-dude.

(someone had to)

Leaper - but doesn’t the moment when you wake up and think “Hey, I don’t have to go to school after all” almost make up for it?