I don’t have anybody to bitch at today.
I need to whine about somebody besides myself. (mumble, mumble)
I am desperately needing something to excite and direct my limp ire towards Something/Someone/The Universe As We Know It/Whatever.

World chaos? Meh.
Political denouncement? Pfft.
Facebook? Good lord, been there - done that…
Religious beliefs? Hey, whatever floats your boat.

Help me out here.

Do a search for Melchior’s posts and have a read. Always makes my blood boil.

There’s apparently some lowlife piece of shit who has put out poisoned food in a local park. A local park where people (illegally) allow their dogs to run off leash.

That’s someone who needs some ire directed his way.

It’s aerobic!

Two And A Half Men has been renewed for another season.

They are making a Cars 3.

Your username is curiously apt.

I guess this is growing up.

The lack of anger and lack of direction of your lack of anger is pissing me right the fuck off!
Perhaps you could become enraged with me about that?

It’ll happen once again; he’ll turn to a friend.

I predict a cooling in your not-too-distant future.

This seems more MPSIMSy than Pit material. I’ll move it over yon.