Damn Goo People!!!

In this thread Spiritus Mundi brought this following quote to my attention:

I didn’t want to hijack the other thread, but I, for one, think we need to get these damn Goo People in line!! The Goo People represent a serious threat to all that is right and good in this world. I’ve even heard that they kick dogs, push over old people, and walk on the grass, WHEN THERE IS A SIGN RIGHT OVER THERE SAYING DON’T WALK ON THE GRASS!!! They must be stopped at all costs, and they must be stopped NOW!

Think of the children! Won’t anyone think of the children?!!

Ban the Goo People before they can do nothinig again!!!

Wait a minute…

Aren’t the Goo people served by thier deity OG ?

Zev Steinhardt

Down with Goo!
(no, not you, Goo, just the rest of 'em :D)

Don’t you love it when a real serious topic just tumbles into hilarity based on a single misplaced word or typo? Ah, it warms the heart.

I hear that they masticate in public!:eek: :eek:

Good Lord, and some of them are even…


The horror!

I did nothinig once. I blame peer pressure.

Everyone was doing it. Hell, I even heard that really famous basketball player (no, not him, the other one) used to do nothinig before every game.

I didn’t enjoy it at all. Maybe because I tried it at work. I got really paranoid and began to suspect that everyone knew I was doing nothinig. Plus the munchies were awful.

I don’t know how those goo people can keep doing it. They must build up a tolerance after a while.

Well, good heavens, Hamlet, you can’t have it both ways. Either you stop them from doing nothing (by letting them shove Grandpa down two flights), or you stop them from kicking puppies (and thus they lapse into inactivity, and all hell breaks loose).

Banning them might work (or Goo internment camps?), but where do you draw the line? If a child’s mother is Goo, but his father is Laotian, does the half-Goo child get banned, too?

Nay, I think this would be better off as one of those “empty” campaigns, where nothing more comes out of the movement than a catch phrase, or a theme song:

“Goo people got…
No reason…
Goo people got…
No reason…” :wink:

The only good goo, is a dead goo.:eek:

It’s worse than I thought!

goo people

It’s not that the Goo men do nothing that causes evil, it’s when they do nothinig. Now, I myself am a little hazy on what exactly that nothinig is, but I’m afraid of violating Board rules if I asked Why a Duck to give a detailed description. Knowing those damnable Goo People it probably involves horrible things like wild osprey, paprika, and pottery wheels.

Dear Og, I hope not.

O.K, I was going to come in here and be nice and polite and try to explain to all of you that goo people are nothing to be afraid of, and that your initial reactions to goo people are unprovoked. I was going to calmly tell you all about our lifestyles, our views and beliefs and maybe even offer to start an “ask the Goo” thread (NOT!).

But then, the intolerance and insulting comments made me realise that we are in the Pit.

So you can all shove it so far up that you have to fart to see daylight, you goophobic bunch of fuck-knuckles. What has this goo ever done to you ? Since when do we generalise about a whole group on this board ? Since when is such intolerance and bigotry acceptable ?

When I read things like

I no longer feel like a welcome part of this community.

WAAAAH ! I’m tellin’ a mod on you !:smiley:

[sub]Hamlet, and Zev, I cannot speak of the great Og to those who disrespect his loyal followers. Recant, beg for forgiveness, donate to the goocharity, and then you too can discover the wonders of Og… and you’ll get 50 free goo-points, redeemable at all goo stores.[/sub]

Oddly enough, Spirtus’ original post actually made sense. He was alluding to “goo-goos”, a nickname originating from the progressive era that refers to “good-government” types.

The similarity with the phrase “goody-goody” is not coincidental.

Recent manifestations of the term can be seen here:

Or maybe this is just synchronicity…

Goo work, flowbark.

John Wayne: (as thunder rolls, clouds and lightning fill the sky) Surely this was the son og Goo…

I have just finshed the inspiring book “When bad things happen to Goo people”, and I’m here to say we support Goo downunder.

I look forward to the triumph of Goo over Elvis. Or at least, his leaving og the building.


Great goo-gly moogly, this is funny. :slight_smile:

My Daddy told me that, if it wasn’t for Goo, I wouldn’t be here.

Thanks Redtwit. :wink:

It’s nice to see that some people appreciate a bit of goo :stuck_out_tongue:

i hear the road to hell is paved with Goo in Tension.

This is pitiful.
Goo bye.