Damn! I am 30% poorer than yesterday

I have not been laid off…I didn’t make some payment that I was saving for for a long time…I didnt have any money in the stock market that just lost value…


In a major economical turbulence/crisis in the country (Turkey), the local currency (Lira) was practically devalued about 30% against the dollar.

And in an economical environment where all prices and expenditýres are indexed to the dollar, no one is giving me an extra raise in the salary!!!

Hey, has anybody been in my shoes before? Ever been screwed this way because of a macroeconomical crisis that actually IS the fault of the politicians trying to lead the country out of the pit it is in??

Well, all my medical and educational and social benefits have cut all the way back since Muldoon decided to get us into NAFTA, but other than that, no.

Well, I haven’t had it happen to me that suddenly, but I kind of know the feeling. When I first arrived in Japan, the exchange rate was 80 yen/$ (all time low), and my salary was worth about $37,000.

Two years later the rate was 150 yen/$, and my salary was only worth $20,000.

Now it’s back in between those extremes, but man did that suck. Good luck, dude.