Damn, I love quack medical devices!

Turn your feet an interesting shade of green?

Are you boys cooking in there?


Are you making an interociter?


I do wonder where they got that specific number, 4674. It could be the wavelength of the laser in angstroms, although from googling, I gather that’s more blue than green.

Further information:

… the interocitor and its components are manufactured and distributed by Supreme Electronics Service, Unit 16. In their catalog, several optional models are offered. These include (but are not limited to):

  • interocitor incorporating planetary generator
  • interocitor incorporating volterator
  • interocitor with astroscope
  • interocitor incorporating electron sorter

Interocitor - Wikipedia

I’m especially interested in the electron sorter. If you could sort your electrons by size and weight, and let only the best, fresh ones into your electric circuits, you’d have the kind of ultra-clean electric current needed by sensitive medical devices. I bet that the Electro-Metabograph (in post #14) needs an interocitor electron sorter to work reliably. Unfortunately the Supreme Electronics Service, Unit 16, that makes them is located on Pluto and doesn’t do interplanetary shipping because of customs hassles.