Damn mlb or am i just being too cheap ?

OK I don’t have a TV or radio at the moment for various reason and I use the web radio stations for news and music ect

Now I go to a Fox radio station that does simulcasts on the web and has the dodger games
Come to find out there blacked out on the web … you get a message that says “due to the broadcast rules of mlb this live audio fee is blacked out go to mlb.com to hear the live game”

Now I go to the website and click on the live games and i get sent to a page that informs me for fucking 14.95 a season I can listen to the games on the web

What the fuck? I get to pay for what others get free? What’s fucking wrong with running lousy commercials for farmer John mystery meat products and dodger dogs like the radio and TV stations do?

To me this would be like NBC running say their prime time schedule and charging 14.95 a week

Is mlb being the chintzy ass greedy fucks that we know and love as usual or am I being a cheap bastard?

Note even if the radio games are normally blacked out when the dodgers are in la paying 14.95 for them would still piss me off

Ah. I remember the Farmer John ads. An integral part of EVERY Dodger game broadcast, going back since time began.

Sorry. I’m not being helpful, am I? I think it sucks that you have to pay, but I guess not all things are free. $15 a season isn’t TOO bad, though. Maybe they need the $15 to keep the site up. I dunno, maybe you should fork over your money and enjoy the game!

The thing about that that pisses me off, is that the radio stations are happy to provide the webcasts for free, but MLB stops them from doing that. Last year they charged 9.95 a season (instead of this year’s 14.95). The year before that it was free, and the year before that, mlb.com wasn’t involved at all and you had to find the right radio station yourself but it was free. I don’t know why they are nickel-and-diming us like that - there can’t be much revenue in it for them.

This is just indicative of the problem with mlb the fans are nickle and diming the fans to death

Whats sad is nether side gets off scott free but it seems the only one that loses money on baseball are the fans