Damn, Monet's "Doge's Palace at Venice" is great!

I paid $15 to go to the North Carolina Museum of Art’s “Landscapes from the Age of Impressionism” special exhibit today and it was worth every penny just to see Monet’s “Doge’s Palace at Venice” It left every other painting in the dust, including the three other Monets.

It just glows off the canvas. The exhibit was set up so you could see it from many different vantage points, including from very far away (100ft? Hard for me to estimates distance) and it was fabulous from every position. I kept looking at the other paintings just to take a break and then peeking back at it, yep, still fabulous!

It’s the first painting pictured on this page, but, duh, the real thing is 1000 times better.

Just a little mundane, pointless thing I had to share.

I was going to say that it features some really funky perspective but Doge’s Palace really has windows like that.