Damn school system!

We found out purely by accident a week before school starts that our son had been enrolled in the wrong school for 8th grade.

For the past two years, he’s been going to School A. He brought home a paper at the end of 7th grade that said next year he was going to attend School B.

Late July rolls around, and we’ve heard nothing as far as orientation goes from School B. Ivylad calls, and it seems they didn’t have the money until recently to send out notices to the students. Orientation was Wed (the day before school starts) from 10a-noon.

Anyway, Ivylad decided on a whim to call the bus transportation department to find out what bus he’s on. Oh, no, the transportation dept says, you live in Town X, your son goes to School A.

Fuming, I call School A. Oh, we have your address down as Blah Blah Blah. I tell them we haven’t lived there for two years. Their reply: You must have forgotten to put in an address change form. I about flipped. I fill out sheets and sheets of paperwork every single damn year. We got his report card in the mail at the end of May, and we got newsletters. Don’t tell me I didn’t fill out an address change form. Well, with 1250 students we do the best we can.

So we had to go down to School B and request his records be sent back over to School A. Then we go over to School A, and the woman hands me a form to fill out. I ask her what it’s for, and she says the parents fill it out every year. Funny, one of the things they asked for was the home address. So if I fill it out every year…


My son had orientation today at School A, and he’s taking 12 classes. They’ve given him classes for both School A and School B. We told him to ignore the schedule for School B and concentrate on School A.

Jeepers! I sure hope you don’t live in one of those places that occasionally sends parents to jail for their children’s truancies.

Wow ivy, maybe you should move to Chicago. The schools are MUCH better here.

Wow, I couldn’t even type that with a straight face.

See, last year, School A was only 6th and 7th grade, so a move to a different school was not unexpected. Then we found out School A was going to be 6-8th grade this year…and the bureaucracy continues…