Damn Squeaky Dryer

I tried WD-40 on the belts before I looked online to see if that was a good option to stop the squeaking…it wasn’t. The fix lasted for about 30 minutes.
What is the correct lubricant for dryer belts?
Yes, I know this fix is probably temporary.

Generally a belt that squeaks or squeals is loose/stretched or glazed and is slipping to some degree. Lubrication doesn’t really help. Replacement is likely the only sure cure.

Are you sure it’s the belt or could it be one of the rollers that the drum rests on?

It’s my understanding that it’s usually the back one. There’s several in the front, but the entire drum has a single point of contact in the back and that bearing can break down and start to squeak after a while. It’s supposed to be a pretty easy fix. All the required parts (grease, bearing and the seat) usually come as a kit.

ETA, also, don’t put WD-40 on a squeaky belt, you want to to slip less, not more. Get belt dressing or replace the belt.

ETA2, here’s the first kit I pulled up at RepairClinic (where I get my appliance parts from), there’s a video that walks you through the repair.

Agree it’s probably the idler wheel or one of the rollers for the drum. Money is on the idler wheel but if you’re in there, replace everything. Just did the repair. Most dryers have a complete repair kit prepackaged and a video on line. Minimal tools, simple disassembly, takes about two hours total - probably half of that is vacuuming up all the lint inside the cabinet, under it, and behind it.

My dryer uses Teflon strips on the front panel of the dryer to hold in the front of the basket. When they wear out, they squeak very loudly. Fortunately they are easy to replace and I’ve only had to do it once in 7 years.

Agree that it’s probably a bearing in the idler wheel. But you never know.

Get thee to Napa or some other car parts store. A special lube/conditioner is made just for belts. I do doubt that’s the problem though.

WD-40 is never the solution to any non-short term lube problem. And it’s often the cause of long term lube problems.