Damn thee, teasing shipping tracking number

After a long stint out of work I finally got a good job a couple months ago. I have reached the point where I will be on nighttime pager duty, which requires loging in from home.

Looking at the VPN requirements compared to my out of date frankenputer, I knew a change had to be made. So I ordered a new computer :). Nothing fancy, and fairly sub-average actually, but budget responsible, expandable, and at least ten times as powerful as the old box. Again because of the budget I took ‘cheapskate’ shipping. now I have recieved my tracking number and look it up with trepidation, Did it get lost?, did it get sent to Djibouti? no, even worse. It’s sitting in the main distribution center that I can see out my window. Right over there, a half mile away. And they’re not bringing it till next week. :frowning:

I haven’t bought a new toy(excuse me, I mean tool for work) in so long, and It’s close enough to smell it, but I can’t get it.

Damnit, I want it and I want it now. Now! Now! Now! Now! Gimme my 'puter :mad: