Damn Time Warner Cable! what happened here????

I am switching to Vios, I swear, but as I have to leave for a day or so and can’t get hold of them, of course: what happened to my channels? I push 32 (discovery channel) and it skips over to 35! I push 63 (TCM) and it skips over to 66. Did I do something to my remote control? Is it THEM? I am having so much trouble with TWC. I just wonder, did this ever happen to you? losing your channelz? Damn them!

Unplug the converter box, wait 30 secs and plug it back in. This will reset it. One time, I couldn’t change channels at all, but this fixed it. If it still doesn’t work, you can call customer service or maybe simply trade for a new one.

I don’t know if this is actually your problem, but at least in my area TWC has slowly been moving more and more channels into the “digital tier” and they are no longer available in the 01-99 range. If one were to input such a channel, it just skips up to the next valid channel.

Rebooting the box as suggested above is worth a shot though.

OK, I had someone uplug the box at home, plug it back in, and it rebooted itself!

Yay! Thank you for the advice!

I wouldn’t be surprised at ALL if TWC started moving channels around into other tiers. I have basic cable with all the regular channels coming in on my other TVs. The one with the converter box which got the upgrade causes so many problems it’s hardly worth it. 89 buttons on that stupid finicky remote, and for what?