Damn US dollar and the service economy

When I worked in Switzerland I had an account at UBS, and I left some Francs there before returning to the US. Over nearly fifteen years ago. I’ve thought of withdrawing the sum, but the dollars they’d send me would be pretty low. Maybe I should invest in Swiss Army knives instead.

Well our dollar has devalued against other currencies, including the US$. Cost me NZ$30 to resub here. Now I want to import some motorbike parts from the US, and that is really going to hurt compared with doing it several months ago. I’ve been after these bits since last winter, just now they back are in stock.

Yeah, I’ve noticed this. So only the Chinese are making out?

Well, someones gotta be. Anyone know who is?

I take it you haven’t been in the back seat of a darkened car on a Friday night in a while, eh?