Damn! Why is dieting so hard?

OK, minor, pithy rant here, but most of them are.

I’m dieting. Had any of you seen me in real life, this may sound preposterous; I’m 5’ 11 7/8", 161 lbs, but I have 15% body fat.
As some of you may be noticing by the screen name, I play lacrosse at a fairly large university, and I need to drop about ten pounds of fat to get down to 9% BF. I quit drinking for the most part, I gave up fast food, and I eat vegetarian twice a week, and only eat red meat once a week. I walk about ten miles a day between work and school, and I do crunches and back extentions every night. Why can’t I lose ten simple pounds?

Feel free to bitch at me for something seemingly petty, but I’m frustrated and this Healthy Choice Lasagna tastes kinda bad.

In consolation: I did more or less the exact same thing, but with weightlifting instead of walking or doing lacrosse, and I never drank. A few months later, I’d dropped 15 pounds.
And remember fruit, cottage cheese, and salads are your friends.

Yeah, I think you probably need more muscle weight and less fat weight, not necessarily less weight overall.

I’d think about strength training. Definitely.

Yeah, I’m lifting too, but for endurance rather than strength.

Fruit, fine, salad, great, cottage cheese, eeeewwww…

I ate broccoli for the first time last night, how weird is that little plant?

Dieting is hard because you are basically starving yourself. It’s totally frustrating, and I empathize completely.

Some thoughts:

Vegetarian does not equal low calorie. Red meat does not equal fattening. And most commercial “diet food” stinks.

Sounds like you need to learn some basics about nutrition. (Though you’re definitely on the right track with giving up fast food!) The trick is to find foods that you find satisfying that are also low-calorie. I don’t know of any really good sources that summarize that information.

Yeah, broccoli is weird but very delicious.

Good luck.

Just remember: 10 lbs. of fat is 35,000 calories. That 10 miles of walking is about 400-600 extra calories burned. If you eat enough to cover your non-activity (Basal) calorie burning and this walking/other activities is going towards weight-loss, that means a 500 calorie/day surplus is going to be about 1 lbs/week. And burning 500 extra calories is a lot of activity. (i.e. your walking 10 miles)

You might want to keep an eye on things. Someone reccomened www.fitday.com to keep track of calorie consumption. There’s some shareware programs that’ll do it too.

Sorry, should I add some cursewords for the sake of pitness?

I actually went high-calorie, low carb for a while and lost about four pounds, but gained it back as soon as I had a beer (seemingly, anyways). I eat a whole lot of salmon and tuna, and run regularly. Still, my body refuses to get rid of this excess fat! It sickens me that Al Roker can get surgery and drop 100 pounds, yet I bust my ass and can’t drop ten. At least PT starts for lax season in a month, I should gain some muscle then.

Hmm, this isn’t very rant-like. If it needs to be moved, so be it.

Do yoga… I lost 15 pounds doing yoga 5 times a week without even trying.

Or buy a ricecooker and go full vegitarian. rice is goood